Bing Launches “Don’t Get Scroogled” Campaign Against Google

Microsoft Bing today announced its holiday campaign that will focus on the evil practices of Google in product search. Bing argues that the difference between search result and ads are shrinking in Google Search results resulting in poor experience for users.

You see, Google recently pulled down its “product search service” and replaced it with a “paid listing ads” service. Search for “Canon EOS” in Google Shopping and you receive pages that look like the old days, with “results” down the middle and ads mixed in. But the “results” are also ads. Every product offer within the shopping search results on that page paid to be there, and where and how high they appear is at least in part dependent on how much they paid. Meanwhile, at least one of biggest online retailers refused to pay Google’s new fee, so you won’t see any of their product offers and great holiday deals in shopping results.

Bing do not follow such practices. Bing again committed today that they won’t switch to pay-to-rank to allow some shopping search results to appear higher than others. You can visit and can get up to speed on the issue by watching this video .

When you do holiday shopping this year, make sure to try Bing to get honest search results.

Source: Bing


  • Omen1337

    Honestly, this is embarrassing, even though I use bing as my search engine, I’d rather see the money be spent on improving the service instead of cheesy smear campaigns that nitpick about little things on Google.

    • WixosTrix

      There are only so many people and so much time you can devote to a single product before you’re just being inefficient. Microsoft has a marketing department and this is them doing their job.

      • Omen1337

        Of course, maybe I should have said that they should spend the money talking about the good things on Bing rather than something about Google.

        • WixosTrix

          That, I can agree with but the public loves a fight.

        • Bugbog

          I believe Bing is as good as Google. The problem is that inertia has set in, re: Google, and people won’t change their habits (I mean, why should they?) unless the negatives/downside of using it are pointed out!

        • WixosTrix

          I agree.

    • Bugbog

      I wouldn’t categorize a product search listing only paid for products as a positive? Nor would I categorize informing would-be users about it as a negative!

  • Arvydas

    Who is that one of the biggest online retailer? :)

    • Mike Hollis

      Amazon perhaps? After doing a couple searches I’m not seeing Amazon listed as an option on any of them in the filter by store options.

  • J

    So the statement in the bottom of Google Shopping page “Google does not charge for inclusion in its search results and all advertisements are clearly marked.” is a shameless lie?