Bing Makes Fun Of Google As Part Of Its April Fool Pranks

Bing Google April Fool

As part of its many April Fools pranks on customers, Microsoft made fun of Google’s home page. When you search for Google in Bing, you will be greeted with a white search page, multi-colored Bing logo similar to what Google usually has and also an ‘I’m Feeling Confused’ button.

There are also some highlights similar to Bing home page with info including “with so many delicious flavors available, most people still choose vanilla.”, “When there’s nothing else to look at”, etc, to make fun of Google’s home page compared to its visually attractive and functional Bing home page.

You try it out here.

  • iUser

    :) Nice

  • arrow2010

    This is just sad, if Microsoft thinks they are gaining anything by bashing Google. They desperately need Google apps on Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 and this will just make Google angrier!

    • dolco

      Microsoft doesn’t need anything from Google. Customers of Google with WP need it!

    • nohone

      Google put out a GMail Blue (to be funny about Windows Blue) joke video. But I suppose that was perfectly fine, while Microsoft’s joke is a sad commentary on them, right?

  • mkr10001

    tried this

    doesnt work at all

    • Breakingillusions

      change your bing region to US and it will work

      • mkr10001


  • Adrian

    Not working

  • Kitab

    Bing’s Easter Island April Fools Day parody is more funny, to me anyway:)

    • Filipe

      Agree, but it’s also not available Worldwide.
      I’ve only seen it when I changed to United States looking for this Google thing…

      Worldwide the image is still and not so funny!

    • emi

      lol, im from Chile, and i was Asking Everybody in what part of the island were those Smiling Moais #DEAD

  • Myclevername

    Funny! But the first thought I had was “Is this legal? Are they manipulating search results?” I guess there is no such thing as bad publicity right?

  • darthtigris

    None of this is working for me (including whatever the Easter Island parody is). I’m in the US too. What gives?