Bing Maps Adds 17 Million SqKm Of New Satellite Imagery

After completing the Global Ortho Project in US last month, Bing Imagery team at Microsoft today announced that they are adding 17 Million SqKm of new satellite imagery to Bing Maps. Global Ortho for Western Europe is on schedule to be completed by the end of CY 2012. Also Bing Imagery team celebrated the completion of GO in US with “Golden Spike” flight.

Bing team invited local Colorado chalk artist Jennifer Mosquera to create the biggest Bing logo ever made!  At over 200’ by 90’, the logo may indeed be the biggest Bing ever.  As luck would have it, the ideal spot for the logo in the Golden Spike flight was the top of the parking garage just north of the Bing Maps Imagery Team’s building in downtown Boulder, CO. (See the image above)

Read more at Bing Maps blog. 

  • tomakali

    Not sure why we need HD maps when the map data is more than 3years old…

    This particular bridge has been completed 3years back… still, no updates…

    One Good reason, why Google Maps is better for India…

  • AS147

    They need to add features as Google does. Google now provides alterantive routes to your destination with estimated travel time based on traffic flows at the time of search – very cool.
    Also, WHERE IS the Bing version of STREET VIEW !!!
    These are the attention grabbing headlines that will attract users to Bing maps.
    I have been using Bing maps for quite some time
    However with the extra functionality and the fact that their data is so much more complete (i.e. I can find many more places based on business name and area/street name) google maps is so compelling.
    I hear that in the US Bing maps is better (probably has more data) but here in Australia I would be stupid to stick with Bing for mapping. So I have just switched back.

  • pfizerdiamonds

    Does this integrate with NAVTEQ? It would be nice to see integrated features with travel routes and with searches for business.