Bing Maps Publishes Equivalent of 100,000 DVD’s of Bird’s Eye Imagery

The Bing Maps team has been quite busy lately.  On their blog today they announced a number of updates to Bing Maps, including the largest shipment of Bird’s Eye imagery yet, nearly 270 terabytes of data or the equivalent of 100,000 DVD’s, along with expanded venue maps and our new “Report a problem” feature.


To date Bing has published a total of 1,452,958 sq km, or half a petabyte of data, of Bird’s Eye scenes from around the world. The section in yellow below are the newly added Bing Bird’s Eye Imagery:


Venue Maps in more than 59 countries on Bing Maps, you can navigate your way around malls, airports, amusement parks and more using your Windows phone, tablet, or PC!  While on Bing Maps and within a zoom level of 1000 feet, purple and green polygons will appear to outline particular points of interest for a given venue. Green shading indicates restaurants, while stores appear purple. When you click on any outlined polygon, a directory will appear with a full list of points of interest and offer options to visually explore additional floors of the venue.

Bing has also added a “Report a problem” form, to allow users to point out errors in the maps for faster correction and updates.

Check out Bing Maps full blog post for more information and highlighted maps.

  • blackhawk556

    as long as it makes Bing work better in other countries.

  • tomakali

    Bing maps is far inferior to use in India.
    it would be nice if Nokia considers route planning from crowdsource inputs
    in metros like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore etc there are numerous shortcuts that are known only to the two-wheelers
    routes suggested for 2-wheelers should be different from the routes for 4-wheelers

  • robertwade

    The only thing I care about is how does this translate to a better map experience on my Windows Phone? I almost never use maps on my PC, almost exclusively used on my smartphone. So, while I certainly applaud keeping all things up to date, this really doesn’t do me much good if it’s not something that is realized on my Windows Phone.