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  • http://twitter.com/jimmyfal JImmy Fallon

    They have some serious catching up to do in the Maps department, but looks like they are pretty determined. 

  • http://chmun77.myopenid.com/ Koka

    Still far from Google Map. Especially outside US areas.

    • Anonymous

      There’s so much about Bing and Bing Maps that outclasses Google it’s not even funny. Yes, Microsoft needs to do better outside the U.S. But both apps are more feature rich, more elegant, more beautiful, more intuitive, etc. Still, Bing’s market share is growing slowly but surely.

      Their biggest areas of improvement is accuracy, which is still the second most accurate search results behind Google, and international compatibility.

  • Anonymous

    Once Nokia Maps gets added the Bing Maps should be just as good as Google’s. And for right now Bing can learn from Google’s mistakes and lawsuits from Street View as to what they shouldn’t be scanning in and showing. Learning from their headaches is going to be a great help in speeding up their roll out to the satisfaction of European privacy courts.