Bing now allows backgrounds to be downloaded easily


The Bing Desktop app is probably the best way to get the daily Bing wallpapers on your desktop, but if you are a more casual user and just want to download the odd one that catches your fancy, Bing now allows the wallpapers to be downloaded on an ad hoc basis.

The search engine home page now includes a download button (extreme right) but unfortunately still requires that users connect to Facebook to download, which does limit it to US only.


  • redtidal

    It request you connect to Facebook.

    Seriously, My Microsoft ID is not good enough?

    F*!# Facebook.

  • Bill Lee

    Although in Windows 8 the Bing app lets you set the current image as the lock screen from the bottom charm bar. Not quote the same as saving it but it works well enough for me.

  • Frostie

    What the?
    What’s wrong with your Bing?
    I get a direct download.

  • Twisticles

    If you use Windows 8 there is a Bing theme too, don’t need the app.