Bing powers Facebook TimeLine Maps feature


Facebook today announced their new TimeLine feature, and Microsoft watchers would have noticed that the Maps filter in TimeLine will show you the locations you have shared on Facebook using an embedded Bing Maps.

Microsoft and Facebook have an ever deepening relationship, with Microsoft providing search in Facebook, Skype  video chat, Messaging integration with Windows Live and not the mapping service.  Microsoft is of course also a minor investor in the company, with a 4% stake.


  • Milad Bazzaz

    I want to read:

    Bing powers Apple devices.

    No reason why Apple is still using Google although they want to stick it to them and all the Android vendors. Microsoft really needs to get Apple to use Bing as their default search engine. Once that happens, Microsoft would be the mobile search leader over night.

    • WixosTrix

      Yes, but then we would all have to endure listening to the Apple fanboy talking about how Bing only became popular because of Apple, lol, great.

  • Alvaro Osvaldo López-García

    For Facebook Places, Bing was already used as the mapping solution