Bing powers search on the Kindle Fire HD


According to Business Insider Microsoft’s Bing just scored a big win, with Eliane Fiolet at UberGizmo, after some hands on time with the Fire HD, mentioning that "The search box is powered by Bing."

The last Kindle Fire’s search box was powered by Google, suggesting Microsoft has stolen the business from the search giant. Bing has been slowly gaining market share on Google in US, with Bing holding 15.7% share in July, according to Comscore, compared to 66.8% for Google.

The Kindle Fire HD also uses Nokia Maps instead of Google Maps for location services.

With Google providing Android as a free, open source operating system in return for revenue via search,  every Android tablet sold by Amazon is increasingly a loss for Google.


  • MSFTmanJosh

    Hell yea! Finally no Google nonsense.

    • Oliver Mills

      I really like Microsoft but have to accept that Google is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of search. It’s just so much better, having Bing as default isn’t going to be that good, it’ll just remind people that Google is better…

      • MSFTmanJosh

        How is Google search better? They both have the same results, Bing has various types of integration that makes Bing so much better. Not to mention Bing Rewards.

      • WixosTrix

        I’ve been using Bing for years now and I like it much more than Google. How do you think Google became such a great search engine? The more people use Bing, the better it gets.

  • Breakingillusions

    First Nokia maps and now bing this awesome well done :)