Bing Releases Ads Featuring Angry Birds

Bing team has released an ad featuring Angry birds that Bing is the official decision engine of Angry Birds. I think this may be related to the upcoming Angry Birds version in Facebook.

Bing Team’s description on the above video,


Angry Birds, the mobile gaming phenomenon just got better. Bing is now the official decision engine of Angry Birds. Check out how those thieving pigs are using Bing Maps to find golden eggs:

Update: Here is the official response from Bing team,

For a limited period, Angry Birds will also feature search integration with Bing providing over a hundred clues to speed you through the levels and help squash the porcine thieves. Featuring Bing Image Search, Bing Maps, and Bing Shopping, the videos show Angry Birds fans how they can advance in the game, featuring the lovable Angry Birds characters.

  • Cristopher rowlands

    I quite like the little “bing” at the end 😛

  • Tiago

    What would be really good for Bing, would be playing Angry Birds right from Bing homepage in HTML5. An extra tab, would be perfect. That alone would assure LOTS of traffic to BING, and give the visibility BING seeks.

    • Tiago

      I know that the game will come to Facebook, MS could just put his game for a week on BING homepage, before the game come to facebook… It would be good as an announcement that the game would come to facebook and that they could play on that week on Bing homepage…