Bing Releases Infographic Slamming Google’s Privacy Practices


Microsoft has recently released an infographic that takes on privacy policies of Google. Few months back, Microsoft launched Don’t Get Scroogled by Gmail, a national campaign at to educate Americans about Google’s practice of going through the contents of all Gmail emails to sell and target ads. There was event an internal video of Microsoft’s “Don’t Get Scroogled” campaign that got leaked to the web. Today, they released an info graphic showing privacy measures by Microsoft and how Google screws up in that area.

Have you switched to Bing?

  • Iain Simpson

    Love it, very good commercial and so much the truth.

    • Fred

      I don’t mind Google having my data, they send me targeted ads…….so what??

      In return I get so many cool sites and apps, I’m happy and I suspect most others don’t mind either.

      When you use a mobile phone under the EU data retention law, your call logs, email, texts etc are stored for up to 2 years, insurance companies keep and sell your information for example, any business you deal with today keeps data on you. Credit companies keep 6 years of your financial data.

  • NGM123

    I just wish MS main response was to make better products. IE is awful compared to most browsers and bing, apart from the stupid name, just doesn’t cut it unfortunately compared to google search, I wish it did.
    What is it with MS and stupid names???? Bing should be called MiSearch, IE MiBrowser, …..MiMusic, MiMail, MiTunes, MiPhone, MiMobile, MiSurface, MiPC, etc etc etc

    • blackhawk556

      Mi-*** is the crappiest branding they could have done. It looks like a straight rip off of apple i-products

      • NGM123

        Mi=Microsoft and Mi=Me and that my friend is far more clever than crapples symbols which mean absolutely nothing.

        • rotoped

          stupid idea.
          get to the choppa!

          • NGM123

            LOL, I’ll be back

      • Emi Cyberschreiber

        lol what you expect from someone like him? look at his comments and then try to think if that person would ever come up with a good/Smart branding name. of course he already said “Mi” and Im sure only that person can think that “thing” would be a good branding name.

    • TheHumanOracle

      What’s wrong with IE? Seriously. I know its cool to bag and all that.
      l have found ie10 great. The metro version on a W8 tablet is great (all l use). Fast full screen browsing (that even supports Flash in addition to HTML5).

    • frankwick

      I don’t think IE10 is bad at all. It is really a good browser for browsing. It is safe and FAST. What is missing are advanced feature for tech guys like extensions and enhanced dev tools (which is coming in IE11)

      • NGM123

        Firefox smokes it IMO, and I’m a MS fanboy !

        • Emi Cyberschreiber

          “IMO” oh wow… now that makes it a valid comment! so it has to be true everything you say *switching to Firefox now!* /s

          • NGM123

            Go fuck yourself tool

        • frankwick

          by “smokes” do you mean FF is faster than IE10? I don’t get that at all. IE10/Chrome seem to be the fastest in my browsing. Safari (what a pile of crap that is) and FF are next. (Don’t use opera anymore so I cannot comment).

    • disqustingtard

      You are a fucking retard.

      • jvs

        No, he is an iTard!

        • NGM123

          No I’m not fool, I’m an MS fan from way back, sorry for having a differing opinion to you fuckwit !

          • jvs

            A MS fanboy using Firefox? Give me a break! A true MSFT fanboy use Microsoft product!

            Sent from my Surface Pro using IE10 Modern Application.

          • NGM123

            lol, geeez you blokes are harsh, and I’m a MS fanboy, I feel sorry for any android fan who comes in here….well,no not really.
            Anyway, check my other posts, you’ll see I’m a big MS fan.

          • rotoped

            you are still iTard

      • NGM123

        Fuck you wanker !

      • Dave

        You are the retarded WP idiot who goes around all the forums with your dumb and childish comments………….

        You, are the retard my friend…………….

  • aakash gupta

    they should rather launch bing all services globally and concentrate on expanding footprint of services, ppl do not care about privacy so much, if they did many would have left google, facebook, instagram

  • Eli_Vance

    Google fanboys/trolls are going to have a hard time arguing against this one

  • Leon_the_Professional

    I have stopped using google recently as they were messing with my youtube account. Isn’t this rich, I could not detach my youtube account to a profile account I made to avoid using my real name for my youtube name….so the only choice I was faced with was to delete my googe g-mail and my youtube account followed automatically because it was permanently bound the g-mail profile. I will never, ever use google features again after what they did. My videos and comments, all gone.

    I now use Great search engine that prides itself on privacy. Based in the Netherlands and New York. I stopped using firefox / chrome a long time ago. I use Pale Moon which is a modification of firefox that prevents tracking, in essence making your web surfing much faster. Test it out for yourself.

    And since I’ve deleted my gmail, I’ve moved on to hushmail. From what I hear, their technology makes them one of the best secure e-mail services.

    Here’s a big F U to google.