Bing Releases Two New Commercials To Promote Social Search

Bing team have released two new commercials on its Youtube page to promote the social search feature. These Commercials show how you can make better decisions with Bing and Facebook together. Take a look at them below,

  • Yasir Alam

    haha… these are actually very clever. It’s cool that the emphasis isn’t that ‘oh bing is so cool it can guess what you want’ but it leverages the advice of your friends to help you out instead. If it’s wrong, well it’s not bing’s fault your friends have poor taste. But it is quite useful. If I see a movie review that’s been liked by a friend who has similar taste in films, I know it should be good, however if it’s been liked by another friend who has some wacky ideas on what makes a good movie, I know to take it with a grain of salt.

    The magic here isn’t that you can tell how many of your friends like things, it’s the fact that you can tell which friends like which things.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously the best advert for Bing I have ever seen- in fact it’s a great ad for Facebook because it suddenly makes it look useful!

    Shame that companies will continue to host contests that require liking them to enter- thus diluting the feature’s usefulness.