Deal: Bing Rewards Members Can Get 5% Discount At The Online Microsoft Store

Microsoft Bing Rewards Store offer

Microsoft today announced a neat deal for Bing Rewards users. For just 2 credits, you will get a 5% discount coupon to shop at online Microsoft Stores.

The online Microsoft Store offers the latest technology products, with free ground shipping and free returns. Bing Rewards launched just over three years ago to deliver a premium experience and help users discover all the ways Bing can provide insight and help get things done. It’s also a way we reward loyal Bing users with some perks as a way of saying thanks for choosing Bing, searching with us consistently and being brand ambassadors.

To take advantage of this offer, follow these steps:

1. Pick up the Microsoft Store discount code in the Bing Rewards redemption center.

2. Go to the US online Microsoft Store at Browse for the products you wish to purchase and add them to your cart.

3. At checkout, just enter your discount code in the promo code field.

New members receive 20 bonus credits just by signing up, more than enough to take advantage of this exclusive offer. It’s easy to join today by visiting and following the instructions to create a Bing Rewards account.

Source: Bing

  • Willem Evenhuis

    how do the rest of you feel about that 5%? To be hobest, I do not know why, but I would not be remotely interested by that numbet and would even feel slightly offended if I were a bing rewards customer. 10-25% would have been more custoner friendlier, if Microsoft wants to reach out to their clients and customers.

    • nohone

      I know, Microsoft sucks! I mean, you go through the back-breaking work of doing 4 searches and you get 5% off on top of their 1/4 to 1/2 off Black Friday prices? Screw that! And your 10-25% off number is too low. Microsoft should give us a 99% off, because they owe us! Microsoft is a horrible, evil, greedy company who gives us, their loyal users the shaft. Well that is it, I am going to throw out all my PC devices, and buy all Apple. It will cost me $1000s more than the equivalent PC equipment, and they will not give any discount on what I need, but it will send a clear message to Microsoft that I am not taking it any more.

      • Jwebb22

        It may cost you a bit more but rest assured it your new product will work better and longer then the old crap, and most likely you will be less angry of a person.

    • Ahmed A

      You know that’s like 2 cents? Can save you big on expensive laptops.