Bing Rolls Out New Image Search UI

Today, Microsoft Bing rolled out its updated Image search UI for customers around the world. The new UI is more attractive and easy to use than ever before. Following are the four main things delivered to customers,

Bigger thumbnails – We’ve made our results much larger so you can find exactly what you want with fewer clicks. We trimmed out all our empty whitespace and filled it with pictures to make image search more visual.

Magnifying glass – When you hover on an image, you’ll immediately get a blown up preview that follows your mouse around. You can hold up this “magnifying glass” to any picture and see its size, title, and where it comes from. It’s smooth, fluid, and a little bit addictive.

Filter bar – You shouldn’t have to hunt to find what you want. That’s why we made it easier than ever to reach Bing’s advanced search tools. Along the top, you can find filters for searching by size, color, type, layout, and faces. It’s never been easier to find wide photographs of purple flowers.

Search suggestions – When you typed “Chicago”, did you want the city or the sports team? Are you looking for the skyline or a map? To help you search more effectively, we suggest refinements that make your query more specific so you find what you need faster. We completely revamped these related searches to make them higher quality and more relevant for everyday tasks.

You can try yourself at

via: Bing 

  • Bart Willeman

    So far nothing in The Netherlands. Then again, Bing is still in BETA!!!! Sjeeshhhh

    • Andy

      99% of countries have beta thing…

  • Asdfasfd

    Its just a matter of waiting. Bing will be pushed to all countries before Win8 starts shipping. Especially when Nokia will be delivering the maps, the location data, reviews etc.

  • Anonymous

    Liking the improvements to Bing. Seems the stories of MS trying to sell it were unfounded gossip. But I am looking to the day when it starts making rather than losing MS money.

  • KCMatt

    Somewhat off topic here, but the biggest improvement bing could make now would be to include map info as a top search result when entering a city name.  Go ahead, try it in bing and then google.

    I do like the image search improvements, hoping map is next!

  • Anonymous

    Outside of the US they need to pick their game up. Include good street view on their maps. Include food weather on the search page based on your location and by good weather I mean the trusted source for that country (in Australia that is the bureau of meteorology).

    On their search page the date range for filtering search is often not there ? Very frustrating.

  • Anonymous
  • tomakali