Bing shows off their gorgeous Windows 8 apps

Bing Search

imageThe Bing team has produced a series of videos showing off their Windows 8 apps which will be installed by default on the new OS.

The team separated out the features of the Bing website into individual apps, such as Search, News, Weather, Maps, Travel and Finance.

The Bing Search app makes heavy use of the Snap feature as demonstrated in the video above.

Travel, Weather and Maps

The Travel app has more than 3,000 destinations, 360 degree panoramas and will allow one to book flights and hotels straight from the app.

The Weather app offers hourly, daily and 10 day forecasts and features rich, engaging imagery.

The Maps app offers traffic information, while the News app is photo-rich.

News, Finance and Sport

The Finance app will offer key market indices via a live tile and rich graphics.

The Sports app will offer top sports headlines, live scores, schedules, standings, extensive statistics and much more across all major sports and also high-resolution pictures to give you an immersive experience.

The News app is another photo-rich immersive app which collate reliable sources from around the world.

While the apps they showed off already appeared polished, they promised to add even more functionality prior to the consumer release of Windows 8 on October 26th.


  • Spelling Nazi

    Shows *off, please correct your headline.

    • PoohGQ

      5hrs later and has yet to be updated…wow!!! What an involved “admin!”

  • kalval

    Wow having bing app and IE sharing the screen like that (first video) is incredible! So much better than just using the browser.

    • Rico Alexander


  • Ef Jay

    At least they managed to do the demo on a Microsoft product instead of the usual icrap they use,

  • Mark Richey

    I agree….the search/IE side-by-side is wonderful! Let’s not forget that even though they stress the touch interface, all this works on desktops and laptops as well. My tablet doesn’t have the resolution to do the screens such as this, but my Fujitsu laptop does, and though I don’t have this Bing integration yet, I have toyed with various windows in such a configurations.

  • PoohGQ

    “Travel, Weather and Maps”
    The lady mentions how the travel information is provided through a wonder partnership with Frommers. Did MS not realize that Google was going to snap them up!!!!

  • elRamiro10

    Shows *OFF not of… 😉 Great features on the Bing apps… Can’t wait!

  • Mark Matheson

    I am hoping there is a decent search across applications similar to the one on Xbox (apologies for my lack of graphical finesse but you get the idea).

  • Johan Nilsson

    Yeah I wonder why she didnt search for restaurants in Rome…

  • najeeb

    V nice
    Windows 8 is kewl
    I luv8
    I suggest to name it windows infinity because 8 number looks like infinity symbol
    I like the bing tone at the end of the videos :)

  • Kitab

    Shows of = LOL!

  • Kitab

    I’ve “google” with Bing exclusively, for the past couple of yrs. Why I’m not “googling” is a great question:):):)

  • Kitab

    I’ve been “googling” with Bing, for the past couple of years, and you ask, how do you “google” then, and I answer, what a stupid question:)

  • Bugbog

    Wow! I’ve had these apps on my Win8 tab for months and have never looked at any of them (except news), and I didn’t realise that even that one was so comprehensive, much less the others.

    Soo much more than just basic apps!