Bing Targets Australian Search Market With Bing Ads Platform


For the more than 5.5 million unique Bing users in Australia, Bing Ads, which delivers paid search ads to Bing users, will be launched in Australia in early July 2013. Bing Ads global general manager Steve Sirich said, “Already 25 markets are using Bing Ads and now it’s Australia’s turn. Just 12 countries represent 95% of revenue for global search advertising and Australia also sits in the included list.

He further added that based on the feedback and conversations with the advertisers, Australians deserve more than one search engine and advertisers deserve a choice for the ad platforms. Steve Knowles, Operations Head, Adobe Digital Marketing who welcomed the move said that there is a good buying to be had across Bing and Yahoo! – a search term which might cost an advertiser $1 on Google could be as low as 70% for the equivalent on Bing and Yahoo!.

Source : adnews

  • brent3000

    Could it be?
    Bing is starting to see over the pacific?

    • worldwidebing

      I would like to see it over the Atlantic, specially in my country where it’s still Beta for some reason and provides me Brazilian results for most of the time I search in my language (Portuguese obviously). And it would be nice to have Bing Rewards worldwide instead of US Only as most features like the news, maps, animated background, etc. No wonder most of people in my class call it a joke or don’t even know it exists. There is only one place on Earth where Bing is by far better than Google and that place is USA.

  • sandisto

    Global rollout of the Bing features available in the US is looooong overdue.

  • loc

    Im skeptical about the 5.5 million unique users here. I don’t know anyone that uses bing as a default, all my products are microsoft and the only time i use bing is when i use search on my wp7 (ands thats because my phone is imported so i cant set it to google Australia)
    Bing has a long long way to go before it could replace google for me.