Bing Testing New Home Page Designs

Bing has been testing new home page design tweaks this week. The above is the screen shot of the new home page with the search verticals displayed on the top instead of the list displayed over home page image. Microsoft is also testing a new header for search results. Screenshot of the same is below. What do you think of these?


  • Anonymous

    Is that IE6??? 😉

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like this change. It makes it look too much like Google. I wish Bing would bring back the old “pixelated” image transitions from the Live Search days. The fade transition is boring in comparison to the way it used to be.

    And yes, that is IE6. :(

  • Sadatay

    @pradeed. REALLY Windows XP in 2011? Really? And what version of IE are you using? WoW! I did see those tweaks but it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. What I want is the new HTML5 Bing.

  • GraphiteCube

    How come a news website about Microsoft is still using IE 6!? IE 8 is released for a long long time!

    • Patrick

      and IE9 is also already out 😉

    • Todor Tsvetkov

      IE 6 is shipped with WinXP… witch is one of the most used OSs to date … so everyone without tech inteligence and using XP is with IE6 so … most of the IE users are on 6 :)

      • Anonymous

        But don’t they ship new versions with Windows Updates? IE9 is even coming with the one in June.

      • Anthony S.

        But you CAN use IE8 on Windows XP… unless you’re using a pirated copy of Windows. It stands to reason that if you’re using that argument, most of the IE users you know are either stuck in corporate environments that are lagging behind in the transition to modern software or using pirated copies of XP. And, really, using a 10 year old operating system with a 10 year old browser just isn’t cool.

        • Phil Chan

          If I remember correctly, Microsoft no longer requires WGA validation for IE8

          • Anthony S.

            Even better! Then there really is no excuse for using IE6.

  • Patrick

    I think it looks great, and the use of it is pretty good! I recognized this change a few days ago already. It is really pretty nice!

  • Anonymous

    Also note the mic icon in the search box. Speak-to-search coming?

  • Anonymous

    Top. No figment of doubt on that. And as to similarities with “another search engine” I’d say that I like my car with a steering wheel in front of me and pedals by my feet also. What’s with this confusing good practice in UI with intellectual property anyway? Bing is a search engine. I’ll start griping when I get the same search results in both search engines, thankyouverymuch.

  • Pradeepviswav

    The new UI appeared only on Windows XP running IE6.BTW,Its my university computer,not mine.

  • Web Hosting Review

    ie9 is also out there

  • Guest

    that is IE6 skin running on IE8. you got them all wrong. lol

  • J-mac

    IE6 and paint to take screenshots… big fake (1st april)

  • Trekking in nepal

    This design looks really nice.

  • ChuckR

    I do not like the new page it cuts off the main picture