Bing Translator For Word & Powerpoint 2013 Launching Today

Microsoft continues to integrate Bing services into more of their product portfolio.  The Bing translator app will be launching for Word & PowerPoint 2013 later today.  The Next at Microsoft Blog reports:

For those who use Word and PowerPoint, the Translator app in the Office Store is launching Monday in conjunction with International Translation Day.  Expanding on top of built-in functionality within the products, it allows you to select any text and instantly translate it.  Using this app, organizations can utilize within Office the custom translation systems they built with the Microsoft Translator Hub.  Already, Office users translate over 1.3 million characters each hour using the built-in translation features.

Please read their full post celebrating International Translation Day




  • Yuan Taizong

    This is great news, I can’t wait to use the Bing Translator on my Microsoft Word app, I really hope that the Bing Translator will get more languages soon.