Bing Unveils Wearable Technology for Pets (April Fools)


The Bing Team at Microsoft is also participating in some April Fools fun.  The post shows off a google glass-like products for pets.  A new Bing service, the “Bing Pet Translator” is also unveiled.

bing dog google glass

Bing Pet April Fools

Bing Pet Translator

Source: Bing

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    I think Google did the April Fools pet translator many years ago, and I don’t think Microsoft fooled anyone with this. If they were going to go this route, it would have been nice (or at least potentially comical) to actually try to come up with a pet translator that at least acted like it was translating instead of merely redirecting to an “April Fool’s!” landing page.

    Oh well. If Microsoft is devoting all their resources to real innovations right now instead of April Fool’s frivolity, then I won’t complain about their lack of effort here.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      They are, //Build/ is tomorrow, I can’t wait, heck, I’ll sleep right now to catch those innovations, good night everyone. :-)