Bing Updates With More Impressive HTML5 Features

Microsoft today announced the newly updated mobile experience for HTML5 mobile devices such as iOS and Android. Microsoft noted that Windows Phone 7 devices can enjoy these services when Mobile IE9 gets updated later this year with HTML5. Take a look at the impressive list of features added today,

From Bing Blog,

Transit Directions and Real-Time Transit

We just added transit directions to to make your daily commute and weekend trips easier. We give you the duration of the trip based on walking, transit and traffic information.

In addition, real-time transit information is now available for Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles – making it that much easier to get around the city. The real-time updates allow commuters to see if public transit is on schedule, early or delayed, with predictions for arrival times.

Image Search

We’ve improved Image Search making it faster and smoother, allowing you to quickly search through thousands of images that interest you.


Get your shopping questions answered faster with the new re-organized shopping experience designed to make it easier for you to get your shopping questions answered, comparison shop, and discover product details and user reviews while on the go.

Weather Update

We added Weather Autosuggest and Instant Answers to the search bar. To find the forecast for your city, just start typing and Bing will give you the details before you finish.

We also updated the Weather tab, to make it easier to avoid bad weather wherever you are. With four different forecast views, you have the option of seeing an overview for the day, an hourly forecast, a 10 day forecast or even the current weather pattern on a map.

App Search

Have an iPhone and want to search for Apps? Now, when searching on with your iPhone, Bing will return a list of relevant iPhone apps that fit your specifications, in addition to the normal search results. This is a great way to serendipitously discover great new apps.


Trying to decide what movie to go see this weekend? Now, when searching for movies, Bing has organized them by time and nearest theatre, along with reviews, synopsis, trailers and additional information to help you decide what movie fits your mood.

  • Edwin Rodriguez

    Come on IE9 for WP7. You can’t even search images in the built in Bing client, that’s pretty lame.

  • Anonymous

    Is this a US only thing? Because I am here in Canada with an iPhone and I get the ugly screen.

    • Todor Tsvetkov

      yes … US only ;( in Bulgaria the is updated … but not like in the video (iPhone 4) I hope the stop feeding these iPhones and start feeding my new Omnia 7 … it’s pretty dumb to make a Microsoft feature for Apple product better then their own mobile OS … it’s strange and really DUMB! Apple are big … but how do MS expect to get big if they don’t invest enough in their OS …

      • Anonymous

        just be patient, im sure all of this AND MORE will be available for WP7. It only makes sense and Microsoft make a lot of those

        • Todor Tsvetkov

          I know, I know … but who likes waiting 😀 I love everything about my Omnia 7 … it’s smart because iOS is the best selling OS in the market … so to increase bing’s market share it’s the best decision to update and to feed the iPhone users so they can make more and more money :) And when WP7(8) Becomes bigger the iOS these features will come first to us :PPP 😀

  • Guest

    Microsoft should role out these features after they can get WP7’s IE 9 browser out the gate! This is pure insanity – doing great things for other platforms and making its own product (WP7) look bad!

  • Guest

    correction: *roll out*

  • Anonymous

    Bing is my desktop choice these days but Bing on WP7 is fully censored so I use Goggle Search on my WP7. Unless somone knows of a way to get Bing out of full censorship mode on WP7?

  • Daniel Rivero Horie

    Not very exciting considering that WP7 update to IE9 is more than 6 months away

  • Nemesisproject

    “Microsoft should role out these features after they can get WP7’s IE 9 browser out the gate! This is pure insanity – doing great things for other platforms and making its own product (WP7) look bad!”

    100% Agree!!!

    WP7 has sooo much potential but you’re wasting all of it for iOS/Android…. Just to remind you guys: you are also offering a mobile device under your own label! If you want to sell it (or keep your customers statisfied!!!) keep pushing WP7!

    Whats your next ad? “If you want the full Bing-experience, dont even consider our products! Buy the iPhones, there you got 100% functionality!”

    I could write this over and over again, but i dont really think that it’s changing anything… If you keep going this way, WP7 will end up like Kin (nah, does that ring a bell?)

  • José Villaró

    Very cool, the bad thing is that this makes me want to ditch my WP7 and buy an iPhone!

  • J-mac

    Thanks microsoft for the beta bing in my country, for not updating my omnia 7, for not fully zune services ecc…

    Totally waste of money… really. Someone in Microsoft is really stupid…

  • Darren Brade

    Shame you have to iPhone user before you can use Bing. A big mistake MS made was intergrating Bing into WP7, Now we’re stuck with sloppyBING while everone else has a beefed up version.

  • Sergey Durnov

    It looks like a bad joke – making HTML5 mobile site, while WP7 will be able to render it only at the end of the year…