Bing’s HTML5-enabled site starts rolling out


Bing has started to roll out its new Metro-fied HTML5-enabled version, with users reporting the typical Windows Phone-like search buttons, smoother page transitions that fade in and out  and navigation tabs (maps, images, videos, etc.) now persistently floating at the top of the page.

BingWatch, who obviously keeps a close eye on these things, reports the following changes:

Text links to all eight sections include “Images,” “Videos,” “Shopping,” and others are now being moved to the top navigation bar.  The Facebook icon and the number of “Like” also moved up a little bit.  The new homepage also spotted with a larger font size for today’s hot topics "Popular now" at the bottom of the page.

The old homepage has eight vertical links to sections include Images, Videos, and others, at left, on top of today’s background photo. The new homepage moved those eight links to the top navigation bar, on top of the screen, and re-arranged horizontally.

Probably the best way to experience it is to try it out yourself at

Via and TechSavyGuy

  • Benjamin

    the website still shows the previously layout..
    Running it from singapore location.

    • Anonymous

      Bing Singapore has always been in beta T.T

      • Guest

        More like….Bingapore. amirite?

  • Johan Nilsson

    Nothing new in Sweden, not that I’m surprised. I guess its mainly US/UK only or something. meh.

  • Anonymous

    I should have taken a screenshot, but I have seen the newer HTML5 version with a search results, and I can’t say it looks very pretty…

    It does take the metro design language though.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing different here in the US either.

    I remember seeing some HTML5 changes on Bing back in the spring but then they all went away.  It’d be nice to see something more concrete as far as when we’ll have what.  It’d be even nicer to have the wonderful things we saw about a year ago …

  • Anna Garve

    Nothing here.. London, UK.

  • Yuriy Samorodov

    Nothing new in Russia.