Bing’s Search Market Share Remains Flat In September


Bing’s continuous growth in the search engine market share ended last month according to report from ComScore. Bing was in a positive growth story every month when comScore releases search reports, but for the month of September Bing’s marketshare fell flat at 14.7%. Google gained .6% whereas Yahoo lost .8%. Yahoo’s current market share numbers are their lowest percentage in their history according to some reports.

Hope Bing continues its growth from next month after the rest in September..

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Pradeep, a Computer Science & Engineering graduate.

  • Eric

    Unfortunately Bing results are still so mediocre in Europe.
    I am not ready to switch, until the service is dramatically improved in European countries.

  • Andreas Greiner

    bing in Germany sucks. If the search quality is not like google, i does not change my search provider. MS, please start your service with the same features like the US Version and your Market share in Europe go up.