Black Friday boosts Windows 8 net use in US above 2%


While we have reports from the NPD and elsewhere of slow Windows 8 sales, it seems Black Friday (23rd November) had a pretty distinct effect on the installed base of Windows 8 PCs, as can be seen from the above StatCounter data shows.

While the days leading up to Black Friday had Windows 8 running below 1% US net usage, Thanks Giving and Black Friday saw a large number of new Windows 8 PCs hitting the market, taking its US share above 2%. While the number reduced over the next week,indicating that Windows 8 users are mainly at home rather than at work, it returned to 2.12% yesterday, indicating the new level was real and not just an artefact of increased usage over the holiday break.

The stats mean that for every 25 Windows 7 users there is one Windows 8 user, and similarly for every 7 Windows XP and MacOS X user there is one Windows 8 user, a ratio which will likely continue to decrease over the coming months.

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  • Oliver Mills

    Likely continue to decrease? Of course it will…!

    • eli

      ofcourse it will: “for every 7 Windows XP and MacOS X user there is one Windows 8 user”
      As the ratio drops, W8 rises.
      Hope y’all understand mathematics 😉

    • WebUser

      You can cry if you want to.

  • Rikkirik Contrera

    Hahaha, all the negative news about W8 adoption, but statistics do not lie and they paint a very different picture than the gloomy tales told by reviewers and analysts. It’s so tipical, everybody screaming the worst of Microsoft’s new product sales. Windows 8 would not take off according to analyst’s and reviewers, but Microsoft sold 40 million W8 licenses in 30 days, growing at a stronger rate than W7.
    W8 PC sales and tablets we’re slow they said, now statistics show a more than 100% growth rate of W8 usage in the US alone, while Dell, Acer and Sony had great W8 sales through Black Friday. 750.000 Xbox sold in the US alone on Black Friday and so on. Microsoft is doing just great, despite all the negativity of analists and reviewers who don’t know squat. surrounding the company. Emirates Airline bought 1000 W8 RT tablets.