Bloomberg: Ericsson In Dicsussions To Buy Microsoft’s MediaRoom IPTV Business



Microsoft MediaRoom
Bloomberg today reported that Ericsson is in discussions to acquire Microsoft’s IPTV platform Mediaroom. Microsoft Mediaroom is a full-featured video platform for operators to deliver an IPTV-based Pay-TV subscription services including content-protected live, DVR, video on demand, and applications. It was reported that Microsoft is now focusing more on Xbox LIVE TV, apps, etc, than on Mediaroom IPTV platform.

Source: Bloomberg

  • chic

    Xbox the way to go.. not only did the console turn my 10 year old HD tv into a smart tv saved me what 1500-2k, but I cut my cable loose and save bout 65 a month..

    • HM

      How can you cancel your cable and still watch TV on XBOX!?

      • Franki86

        Probably the same way I did 2 years ago… Hulu Plus & Netflix. Hulu carries every single show that my wife and I watch, we just had to get used to watching them 24 hours after they aired. The $16/month for Hulu & Netflix is much less than what we were paying for cable. We also added a $13 HD antenna that sits just behind the TV that picks up ~25 local HD stations (some are repeats).

  • J A

    There is not real “Live TV” on the Xbox but I wonder how MS will make that possible if they sell the Mediaroom IPTV business since Live TV to the Xbox is supposed to be and can mainly be IPTV.