Bloomberg: HTC Working On A 12-inch And A 7-inch Windows RT Tablet

When Windows RT development was in final stages, it was reported that HTC was denied by Microsoft in becoming Windows RT OEM. It was said that Microsoft declined due to”concern that HTC doesn’t sell enough devices or have ample experience making tablets”.

Now Bloomberg reports that HTC is working on two Windows RT tablets. One with 12-inch screen and another with 7-inch screen that will compete with iPad Mini, Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle. Both these tablets will reportedly can also make phone calls and will be powered by Qualcomm SnapDragon processors. The devices are expected to go on sale in 3Q 2013.

Bloomberg also added that HTC did not choose Intel processors because it was concerned about the end user pricing which will go upto $1000. After the release of Microsoft Surface, many Windows RT OEMs scaled back their plans and it may be the reason behind HTC’s inclusion to Windows RT club by Microsoft.

Are you looking forward to HTC Windows RT device?

Source: Bloomberg

  • gregthecanuck

    Cool if they can do phone calls!!

    • Breakingillusions

      the 7ich tablet will be able to do that

    • NegLewis

      In 2-3 years the phone itself will be gone: Replaced by a Blue-Tooth Head Phone, Blue tooth Smart Pen, Wrist Watch – all connected to the Laptop, Desktop, Tablet …

      All will carry a “Tablet” Form Factor instead of a SmartPhone.

  • surilamin

    If they create something with the same effort they did with the 8X I think they’ll add some value to the ecosystem.

  • Bugbog

    The current market is only limited by its creativity!

    If they they can release an original Value added device, then it’s all good!

    • just

      I’m welcoming any OEMs that will produce a smaller tablet so I can dump my shitty Nexus 7 and get a bigger tablet also.

  • SCOOBY_666UK

    Looks like the Windows ‘Blue’ update will create deeper Synergy between the products. :)

  • guesttt999

    Both Nokia and HTC have the potential to create amazing tablet devices for the Windows ecosystem. Together with the Surface, the Windows ecosystem will be ready to compete in the tablet realm!

  • Dig The Noise

    Seems to me HTC is the 2nd vendor to get off their bums and try to create better-than-average hardware for the Microsoft environment. Seems MS being selective isn’t a bad thing.

  • iamtiger

    Absolutely!!!! If Nokia is my first love, then HTC is running a close second… Lol..

  • pwli

    If MS also add the WP marketplace as well as have the Win8 store in Win RT. Then im willing to open my wallet.

  • B_Sack

    Hopefully this is true. We NEED a 7″ Windows8 tablet out there. The perfect living room companion for consumption, and entertainment control center for xbox ect. I’ve been waiting.

  • Breakingillusions

    yes !!!!!!!!!! more than welcomed move :)
    nokia should do the same two tablet one 7 or 8 inch and one 10 or 12 inch tablet

  • NegLewis

    I hope for a Slim HTC HD7 Like tablet…
    Windows Phone supports 2-3+ resolutions.
    Windows 8 supports ARM and x86… and has that superb Split Screen Feature.
    A Windows 8 ARM should support All Windows Phone Apps (see Kernel sharing, .Net Framework)
    A Windows 8 ARM Tablet already has: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Camera, Sensors…

    I see no real reason/impediment why a Widows Phone App could not run in that Split Screen.

  • textomatic

    WinRT is a great platform. I own a Surface and use it every day (using it right now.) It’s great news to read that HTC is going to make some RT tablets. I’m getting tired of reading and listening to certain bloggers that keep saying RT is no good. RT isn’t for everyone but I bet that the average consumer would be ecstatic with it. My wife, daughter, and I love the Surface.

  • ustudio

    its a crazy world, htc and nokia the premiere windows tablet makers, it can happen, especially since all the other guys; hp, dell, Sammy , etc has dropped the ball so badly

  • Windows 8

    I think Microsoft is making the right move by allowing HTC to jump in with their tablets, HTC as it is makes wonderful hardware and thus it will be beneficial for both of them because HTC is not able to do to well in Android too ( I mean selling like Samsung )
    Welcome to HTC.

  • donzebe

    Microsoft really need something with 7 inch ASAP pending price is at or bellow $250.

  • Joe_HTH

    A 12 inch tablet? Are these people high? A 12 inch tablet is too damn big.