Bloomberg Reports That Microsoft Will Announce An Intel Based Surface Device Along With Surface Mini

Surface Mini Concept Render
Surface Mini Concept Render

Yesterday, we reported about few details on the upcoming Surface Mini device that Microsoft will reveal at the event on May 20th. The Surface Mini is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, differing from the Surface 2 which is based on the NVIDIA Tegra processor. It is likely other specifications will match with the Surface 2 and the Surface Mini will come in 32GB/64GB variants and with 2GB RAM.

  • No built in Kickstand
  • An accessory cover will work as a kickstand
  • Likely to be available in Silver, similar to the Surface 2
  • ARM based device (Windows RT)
  • Ships in June
  • 7.5-inch device
  • 1440 x 1080 display
  • 4:3 aspect ratio similar to iPad (unlike 16:9 Surface & Surface Pro)
  • Active Pen support (similar to Surface Pro)
  • Ships by end of June

Now, Bloomberg reports that Microsoft will also reveal an Intel based Surface device at the same event.

Microsoft will unveil the new device at an event in New York on May 20, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public. Microsoft will also take the wraps off other new Surface models at the event, including ones powered by Intel Corp. processors, the people said. Microsoft previously had a version of Surface with Nvidia chips that use ARM Holdings Plc technology.

Bloomberg also believes “something else” could be shown off at the event. However, nobody really knows what this is at this point. “Panos the Passionate’ may simply be showing off more accessories for the Surface family. It is just unknown at this point.

More information about the price has not come out either. However, I still maintain a $350 price point. Microsoft will justify this by emphasizing it is a premium product, Office comes included, and the Redmond software giant will bundle in Skype credits and OneDrive storage. Microsoft is under pressure from investors to make a profit in hardware and it does not appear they are in a position to be selling Surface units at a loss. Also Microsoft is walking a tightrope with its OEMs. If the Surface mini is priced too low the company may damage the relationship with its partners.

Read more from Bloomberg.

  • Ray

    Mmm, How to call that device? Surface Pro Mini?

  • NegLewis

    HDMI, 2 USB, SSD+Flash, WiFi/3G, Pen, 5/10 Points, Resolution,
    No 32 GB. At least 64 GB.

    BUT! HDMI is First and Storage: 32 SSD+128 GB Flash build In as one/2 drives

    • jimski27

      Hmm, can you say $899

      • NegLewis

        For 1 USB and 128 GB cheap flash…

  • 5Lk9m2Q7NR

    4:3 and pen is definitely popular

  • NGM123

    I’m happy with my RT Surface, but I don’t understand the persistence with it now that X86 versions are the same money or even less. Why? Battery life is similar but you are unlocked from a Store with X86 that realistically has very limited apps to a version where you can download or access whatever you want whenever you want. Such a great point of difference from apple and google

    • k00ksta

      RT has its place .. its a more locked down device and is excellent for people that are not as tech savey and just want to Skype, Email and Web.

      • DarthTigris

        But they’re not really cheaper or faster or use much less battery. If the only advantage is that it’s more locked down, is that really enough?

        • k00ksta

          Surface RT technically IS cheaper .. don’t forget that price tag has Office added to it. Where Surface Pro/other windows 8 tablets running x86 do NOT come with Office. If MS un-bundled Office from those Surface RT’s they would cost 1/2 the price and be more attractive to parents just wanting a consumption device for themselves or children.

          • DavidC2

            k00ksta, Venue 8 Pro comes with Office. Windows Tablets under 10 inches come with Office. Soon, Microsoft is going to make it so Windows+Office is FREE. They are going to reduce the Windows image size, so it goes down from 8GB to 3GB, making it feasible to have 16GB storage.
            Intel is planning a $99-149 Bay Trail Windows Tablet! Not RT, but FULL x86 Windows.

        • pirate78

          Depends what you mean by “faster”, because when it comes to 3D gaming (like Hydro Thunder, etc.), my Surface 2 will run games a lot faster then my Dell Venue. Tegra processors are just a lot faster then the Intel Xeon when it comes to high(er) end tablet gaming, which is a factor for some people like me ;).

          As for the RT being a lot more locked down comment (k00ksta), I too agree that the locked down environment allows tablet owners access to apps that WILL run on and had been designed for the tablet environment from the ground up. This is important. I had tried to run Photoshop’esk programs that were designed for higher end PC’s, on the Dell Venue and it was horrid experience. I prefer to use something that may offer less features but was designed to work with my fingers and my screen size.

          I realize that there is a large Intel following that would argue with me, which is fine 😉

          • NGM123

            Why then don’t they market it as such? You might be right, if so they should tell the world because at this point in time its a confused mess.

      • NGM123

        Sorry, I don’t buy that, less functionality without benefit doesn’t add up. Would be OK if the RT Store was huge but it’s a ghost town in there.
        Probably good for schools, so why not call it a student version so people understand what RT is, a gimped locked down version of windows.

    • tofferne

      Yes you are right, it could be nice this way. All Surface needs to work this way in the future, I also think it will be so (hope).

  • John

    Hopefully the new intel device is a surface pro 2 refresh.

    • John

      Or a surface laptop.

      • k00ksta

        Or Surface Phone muhaha :)

        • John

          That would be very thick.

  • Tips_y

    I already like the Surface Mini! LOL! And will like it even more if it comes with “Intel inside”!

  • robertwade

    I have no use for mini tablets since I have my smartphone. I only care about real tablets, with a large enough size to actual make work useful.

    • tofferne

      It could be great with a 12 inch Surface model, and maybe also 14 inch. We need bigger than 10 inch in the future.

    • DarthTigris

      A friend of mine got a Surface for similar reasons, but shortly sold it for a DVP8 because he said it was a bit heavy and big for how he was using it and also wanted the full W8 feature-set.

      Gotta admit, his reasons make sense to me.

  • hyperthermia

    Surface is almost synonymous with kickstand. I can’t accept that mini without it.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    The line between tablet and smartphone in thinning.

  • Stuart

    Happy with the US$350 price point for a 32GB Wifi unit, but I do hope that price includes the cover given that it sounds like it will be needed for the kickstand.

    I also hope the Intel device will not be a Pro Mini, but a 12″ hybrid laptop

  • Ray

    Hope X86 version will have option to “Lock it” to make it work similar to Windows RT.