Bloomberg: Windows 8 tablet UI to be demoed next week


ballmermetrotabletWe posted a rumour a few days ago, and now Bloomberg has confirmed, via 3 people “with knowledge of the company’s plans” that Microsoft will be showing of Windows 8 on tablets at AllthingD conference next week.

The tablet will apparently be running on Nvidia’s ARM chips and will be presented by Steven Sinofsky is  at the All Things D conference, while Vice President Steve Guggenheimer will also address the Computex show in Taipei.

It is rumoured that Windows 8 tablets may be released long before desktop Windows 8, with Digitimes recently suggesting these tablets could reach market even before the end of the year.

Read more at Bloomberg here.

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  • Jimmy Fallon

    Time and opportunity to STUN, don’t blow it!

  • Anonymous

    lol i doubt it would look like that in the pic, it doesnt seem ergonomic to that form factor. something similar though would work.

  • Ryssfemma

    If there’s a OEM that uses a tablet that looks like that in the picture, Microsoft can expect to see Apple in court.

    • Anonymous

      actually thats the HP Slate, its already been released and no, Apple hasnt taken anyone to court over it, since the case would be thrown out.