Bluestacks may bring 700,000 Android apps to Windows RT


BlueStacks, who make an Android environment for desktops which allows Windows 8 tablets to run Android apps, has suggested that they are considering bringing that environment to Windows RT.

The news was in response a question asked on the Bluestacks support forum.

While the Windows 8 store has tens of thousands of apps, this is little compared to the 700,000 Android apps, especially the more useful ones such as BBC iPlayer and other apps which companies have not been motivated enough to bring to the new Windows OS.

Hopefully this development will happen sooner rather and later, and allow Windows tablets to access the full range of resources available to other tablets and smartphones.

Via Surface-Evangelist

  • jimski27

    Not sure if Windows Defender will let many of those apps run. Just sayin.

    • ale91g


    • J A

      Yes, it remains to be seen if many of those malware will be allowed to run on WinRT.

    • auziez

      lol awesome comment.

    • Marios Karagiannis

      It will. The only thing that will be running will be BlueStack and all the Android apps will run inside it, in a more or less sandbox manner. As far as Windows are concerned, only one app is always running. Think of it as an emulator running ROMs but having access to things like the network, multitouch, mouse, keyboard etc on the host machine. You can run BlueStack on a x86 machine today (it’s free) and see how well it runs.

  • HenryX

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Windows Phone 8 will get all android apps!!!!!?????? (very similar as RT)

    • deathdealer351

      I would pay for that

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    Plz Don’t. It would be like putting dogpoop on a delicious pizza.

  • Abraham Soto

    It’s the tegra 3 powerfull to Emulate Android under a Windows Enviroment?! I doubt it will be able to run Nova or Death Trigger kind of apps.

    • NegLewis

      Why? Is Java Shy?
      Linux Embedded Code is different from Windows embedded Code?

  • Daniel Lim

    if this is true then the ipad will die. ipad wins windows RT tablets over its large number of apps. if windows RT can run android apps then there is no reason to buy an ipad.