BlueStacks Will Bring Over 400,000 Android Apps To Windows 8

We have already seen BlueStacks for Windows which allows you to run Android apps on Windows platform. At CES, BlueStacks announced the compatibility of Android apps running through its app player on Windows 8. BlueStack says, every app built for Android will now run on Windows 8 without any porting. The software will support both standard desktop and Metro UI modes. They are also partnering with OEM’s on pre-installing this software on Windows 8 laptops/tablets/ultrabooks.

Press Release:

BlueStacks Announces Windows 8 Compatibility
Apps-on-PC company will bring 350,000+ Android apps to Windows 8 in 2012. OEMs to release BlueStacks-enabled Windows 8 tablets and Ultrabooks.
CAMPBELL, CA – January 10, 2012 – BlueStacks announced today that its “App Player” software, which runs mobile apps natively on PCs and tablets, is now compatible with Windows 8. The company demonstrated the technology on a Windows 8 Ultrabook at CES today with reporters.
Windows 8 is Microsoft’s first operating system built with mobility in mind, using the new “Metro” user interface. BlueStacks will integrate over 400,000 Android apps seamlessly into the operating system, where they will take the form of tiles alongside other programs. “The Metro UI is beautiful, but the number one thing Windows 8 is missing is apps,” noted BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma. “This changes all that.” BlueStacks makes creating mobile apps for the Windows 8 platform unnecessary, as most every app built for Android will now run on Windows 8 without any porting. The software will support both standard desktop and Metro UI modes.

BlueStacks is actively collaborating with top PC manufacturers to pre-load the BlueStacks App Player on Ultrabooks, tablets, notebooks and all-in-one desktop PCs. Their newest in a series of OEM partnerships is one with the Taiwanese manufacturer InHon. Inhon plans to release its first Ultrabook in March 2012 with BlueStacks App Player pre-loaded, followed by a Windows 8 Ultrabook later this year. “So many of the applications that people want to use have moved to mobile platforms,” said InHon CEO HongFan Wei from Taiwan. “We’re excited to be first to market with a Windows 8 Ultrabook that combines the best apps from both worlds.”

BlueStacks was named a CES Innovations winner for 2012 at the conference this week. It is the only program worldwide that can run native mobile applications that are ARM-based or x86, windowed or fullscreen, on Windows PCs and tablets.

  • Milad Bazzaz

    yawn…399.000 apps are not tablet ready.

    another 990 suck or look ugly which leaves about 10 useful apps..

    so I don’t see a lot of value in this.

  • Pantou Ekang


  • Mike

    Androids Open Source nature is its biggest weakness. Since anyone can use it however they like, emulators lIke this are possible and Google cant say anything about it, thus Androids advantages (like apps in this case) can easily be used to help competing platforms and adding to their own advantages making a better overall package

    Google needs to close Android IMO. Better control and quality can also come of this

  • Michael

    That almost kills the reasonableness to develop win8 and wp7 apps. If you develope it for Android you got your app on two platforms without any more work. The only disadvantage is no live tile support but for zero work who cares?
    Why it kills wp7? Because they should let wp7 apps run on win8 like the android apps. Why should the companys now develop for wp7 when they have the androd app. A advantage to the android apps is cross-platforming win8 to wp7 which hopefully doesn’t work with android. When the cross-platform thing also works with android wp7 has really nothing exclusive.

    • Anonymous

      use mogade on android or wp7 and you are good to go

  • Anonymous

    i Don’t care about android there is no way im going to put anything related to android on my machine i care about windows 8 apps 

  • Anonymous

    this will kill the developer for windows products
    but hay look at the new nokia games from ea
    running custom shaders and true hardware float point
    now you can all see that microsoft has cheated out there developers

  • Anonymous

    This may see some usage in cases particular Android app is a must, but generally any app on Android kinda sucks because of instability and slugginess of Android OS comparing to WP7 or iOS apps

  • One1611

    It may eliminate the app excuse that many use to stay with Android as I don’t think that most really think Android phone are better.

  • Bluestacks sucks

    Bluestacks high as fuck,crash and shit while running games