BUILD Session List Finally Revealed

Microsoft has finally posted the Build Session list over at Channel 9. Go check it out!

Interestingly there is only 1 session listed for Xbox (on Smart Glass), I’m guessing we will not see too much new stuff regarding Xbox at BUILD.

There are 7 sessions listed for IE11.  Should be lots of great IE stuff shown at BUILD.  Will IE11 come to Windows 7?

2-066New IE Developer Tools.F12 developer tools have been completely re-imagined for IE11.
2-067New Platform Capabilities for Advancing Web DevelopmentLearn how to take advantage of the latest Web technologies, interoperably.
3-068Web run-time performanceLearn new techniques for analyzing and improving site performance.
3-069Web Compatibility and Same MarkupBuild sites that provide great experiences across modern browsers.
3-071Lighting up your site on Windows 8.1Leverage the power of the Windows platform to create amazing sites.
4-072Hyper-fast Web graphics with WebGLLearn how to create sites that provide 3D graphic experiences for IE11.
4-073Inspecting & Debugging Using IE’s New F12 Developer ToolsDeep dive on inspection of markup and debugging of JavaScript with the new F12 tools.


Windows 8 and WP8 sessions are still in different buildings.  Complete unification is still some time away. Nokia is giving two presentations though.

Bill Buxton will be talking about Designing For Ubiquitous Computing, this is likely the same talk we covered earlier: Another big name Anders Hejlsberg will be there to talk about TypeScript.

MS will live stream the #bldwin Day 1 (june 26) and Day 2 (27th) keynotes. Both are 9-11 am PT and will be here:

I’m still looking to see if there is anything else interesting in the session list, send me a tip (@surilamin on twitter) if you find anything interesting!

Sources: Mary Jo Foley, Josh Phillips, IE Blog, and Channel 9

Image Credit: Sam Sabri

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    if you find anything interesting! :)

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    Thank you Suril for all the information :-)

  • vcfan

    just because these aren’t in these sessions doesn’t mean it cant be announced in the keynote though.

  • soder

    In 2013, Microsoft will only REVEAL things, and never anymore “show” or “tell” or “describe” anything? Like Ballmer will REVEAL every morning, what he has dumped on the toilet? Stupid, stupid journalism.. From now on, I will try to REVEAL whats in my post box when I come home, and I will also REVEAL whats in my fridge. When my wife prepares the food, she wont tell me whats cooking, she will just place the plate in front of me covered, and suddenly REVEAL, whats the lunch today.

    Lets preserve this word for something, that really counts in our miserable life, shall we? For example lets REVEAL whats the true story behind this prism sh*t.

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