Can OEMs Match The New iPad Specs For Windows 8 Tablets?

Today, Apple unveiled their next generation iPad. Even though there was no revolutionary announcements, a resolutionary  announcement was made. The new iPad will sport a new Retina display.

The Retina display on the new iPad features a 2048-by-1536 resolution, 264 pixels per inch (ppi), 44 percent greater color saturation, and an astounding 3.1 million pixels — in the same 9.7-inch space. That’s four times the number of pixels in iPad 2 and a million more than an HDTV. Those pixels are so close together, your eyes can’t discern individual ones at a normal viewing distance.

The new Retina display will be powered by Dual-core Apple A5X custom-designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip with quad-core graphics. It will also have 1GB RAM with 10 hours battery life packed in a 650gm machine with 9.2mm thickness.

Can Windows OEMs match the above specs of iPad for Windows 8 tablets ? The answer is Yes. Samsung’s Exynos 5250 SoC based on Cortex-A15 architecture will support  a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Even other chip makers and OEMs like Nvidia and LG are cooking up their own chip-sets to support such resolutions. So, specs wise OEMs will match iPad with Windows 8 hardware.

But is that enough to compete with iPad ? No. The most impressive part of iPad is the 200,000 apps and the $499 price tag. Microsoft should take its best possible effort to court developers for Windows 8 apps. I’m expecting 2000-3000 quality apps at Windows Store when Windows 8 launches later this year.  And regarding the price tag, its all in the OEMs hands..

What do you think ?


  • Anonymous

    Unlike the Windows Phone, Windows 8 will be successor to the most widely used and the most popular OS of all time. 2000-3000 quality apps is being a little on the pessimistic side. It would be a shame if that turns out to be case. There should be more quality apps than that at the time of launch, after all, Windows is the biggest ecosystem in the world in terms of users. OEMs have had little or no success with Android OS with the tablet form factor, so everyone is going to push hard with Windows 8 and drive for its success.

    • Anonymous

      You forgot to mention the ease of coding and the ability to use HTML5 code and covert it into an app. It will be awesome.

  • rruffman

    Microsoft said in at build if I not mistaken that they would have 100k apps in the marketplace on launch.

    • EShy

      I remember they said 100k windows phone apps in time for Apollo. At Build they had no way to predict win8 app numbers since it was the launch of the SDK itself

      • Anonymous

        100k phone apps.  Should be there by summer.

  • Chuck

    With BlueStack, Windows 8 will come with 400K + crappy android apps plus ofcourse quality superior apps that can only run on Windows OS.

  • Anonymous

    numer of apps isnt important its the quality of apps… theyl both have viber, skype, ebuddy, instagram, cut the rope, angry birds, all the popular good apps, blots of crap and a competing system, apple’s is an outdated phone system stuck on a tablet, with a sea of dead mini iCons and a system tyhat only launches them, holds their notifications and encompases them in folders. windows 8 has a system which has live ties constantly updating, it will have skype, xbox, wlm, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and more built into the core of the system, it has a pc interface built into it which on a tablet will offer near pc functionality and on a pc FULL windiws 7 funtionality, it will have the same interface on the pc, tablet, phonee, and eventualy on the xbox consoles, and it has backwards compatibility with every app made for windows. WIN for WINDOWS 8. unfortunately because windows 8 wont be out until november, i do intend on purchasing an ipad 3, however a windows 8 tablet is also on the cards!

    • Anonymous

      Backwards compatibility is only there on intel/amd chips. For ARM powered tablets there is no backwards compatibility, and they will be pretty much as locked down as Windows Phone.

      • Anonymous

        Not completely true. It can’t run ALL x86/64 apps, though many it can if they dont need the full power of a descktop behind them, but the current ones can recieve ARM compatibility updates making them lighter and optimised for the ARM chips if they want to run them on the legacy windows desktop rather than as metro apps (as far as I’ve understood all that I’ve read- I admit I could be wrong but I do read a lot into this, and this is what I’ve understood, and therefore, as long as devs stay on the ball with ARM compatibility, it will be fully backwards compatible.)

        • Anonymous

          Are you really that ignorant or are you just trying to confuse the issue? The simple fact is that Windows on ARM can not run ANY x86/x64 applications. None. Zero. Zilch. To run x86/x64 applications on ARM you would need an emulator, and Microsoft has officially said they will not make any emulator for x86/x64 available for Windows on ARM, stating that it would not make a good user experience. And since Windows on ARM will be locked to only run apps downloaded from the Windows Store there simply will not be any legacy support for Windows on ARM.

          Mind you, I’m not saying it would be impossible (I have myself run Win95 emulated on my HD2), just that it will not happen unless you somehow manage to hack the device and find a suitable emulator.

          It is also not about what is actually possible on ARM. The full Windows experience that you have on Windows 7 computers today could very well be implemented also on ARM if Microsoft wanted to. Everything would have to be rebuilt for ARM of course, but it would be possible. It’s just that Microsoft is not interested in that scenario.
          And regarding rebuilding legacy apps for Windows on ARM, it is not just a matter of changing some build flags, especially since the Windows on ARM environment is so locked down. Almost all x86/x64 applications use features that simply will not be allowed for Windows Store apps. This means that even though many x86/x64 applications will become available also on Windows on ARM in some form, pretty much all of them will be missing features that are available in the old x86/x64 versions. A lot of them will probably have to be redeveloped from scratch.

  • Brian Chau

    Running x86 desktop software on such a high res 10″ screen would be very difficult for the eyes. The menu, buttons, scrollbars, etc. would be so tiny to see and interact, even with a mouse. METRO apps may be OK however.

  • Guest

    Of course they can. No doubt about it.

  • Anonymous

    you have to be kidding with the 2000-3000 apps. there will be more. there will be 400 million windows 8 users in the first year. that blows away any other userbase that those companies have been building for 5 years. Any developer that has a brain will have their apps out on there for launch.

  • markiz

    Judging by the ultrabooks, it might take SOME time to be competitive in the price. Obviously, android is doing the foot work there, so it’s gonna be much shorter than for ultrabooks.
    2H 2013 is when I expect cheap yet great W8 tablets.

  • समीर शाह

    The way to compete with iPad is the following.

    At present Apple is on the offensive and calling all the shots, Microsoft and OEMs have to put her on the defensive.


    0) x86 is dead BUT x64 IS NOT. Apple has no answer to x64 unless they play defense and port iOS to x64. There is no 64 bit ARM till 2014. Apple may be putting 512 MB to 1 GB memory on tablets but who said OEMs can not put Liano APU or latest Intel CPU with discrete graphics and 8 GB on tablets when using Windows 8 64 bit? There is only a two year window available here to put Apple on the defensive.

    1) Forcing a REIMAGINIG of first and third party apps to touch. Microsoft is already doing that with Office 15 but that should be only tip of the iceberg.
    Microsoft should take responsibility to develop a lot more 64 bit first party apps where there are none available (like Halo on Xbox) and help companies like Adobe (Full Photoshop and other programs), Corel (Full CorelDraw and other programs), Autodesk (Full AutoCAD and other programs) to Metro. Brian Chau “Running x86 desktop software on such a high res 10″ screen would be very difficult for the eyes” so REIMAGINING is required. The wealth of software available on Windows is awesome and what is required is dedication on Microsoft’s part to help these software companies REIMAGINE their software to Metro.

    • the person

      um, dude, I’m running x64 Win8 preview on a generic Wintab I got off of Alibaba.  BFD. 

  • davepermen

    all i can read is 5 times the same thing: it has a 2048×1536 resolution.

    oh and a nice color saturation. why repeat it in 5 different ways? soneone fell to apple marketing there.

  • Daniel Rivero Horie

    The big problem of Windows Tablets has been the price and performance, now with Windows8 more optimized to run on low performance devices, but I don’t expect compelling prices, but I wouldn’t mind if it’s expensive if it has an i5 or i7

  • Anonymous

    Specs aren’t that important. The Win 8 user experience will be better than the iPad, and since Win 8 is a real OS, the iPad won’t be able to match it feature for feature.

  • Lewis McCrary

    Win8 will have a multitude of apps along with legacy apps so I think that’s in the bag.  The price is going to be a major factor.  Undercut Apple with the same specs and you have a winner.  The argument will be “It’s less money and does (at least) twice as much.”  An assortment of low/mid/high range devices will be nice, too.  In classic PC fashion just have something that fits everyone.

  • Anonymous

    200,000 apps isn’t impressive in the least.  Upon WHAT criteria do you make such a stupid claim?  90% of those apps are garbage to begin with.  And, the reality is, NONE of that matters a flip with Windows 8.  IT’S A PC ON A TABLET (unless you’re talking specifically the ARM-based versions), which means it will be able to run virtually any software that the desktop could run.  This makes the Windows 8 tablet infinitely more powerful and desireable over the relatively limited iPad.  The only thing that will give the iPad the advantage is if the price for the same hardware specs is cheaper on iPad.  There’s no amount of money to convince me to throw my money away on an iPad.  It does nothing different or better than their phone.  It certainly can’t do all that I can do on a PC.  So, given a choice between an iPad or Windows 8 tablet, there’s no contest: Win8.

  • Anonymous

    I love the idea of a notebook in tablet form.
    OEMs can match iPad specs, but only with the ARM versions regarding pricing.I personally would get an x64 only for backwards compatibility with my existing software, and to replace my iPad. If they have at least an i5, 13in 1080P screen, 4GB RAM, 512MB GPU, 128GB SSD, USB 3.0, HDMI, SD Card reader, thin form factor, 8 hour battery life, no more than 1kg, sub AU$1200, I think I’ll get one right away.

  • Anonymous

    200K? How can this compete with Windows? Their isn’t an ecosystem today that is stronger than a Windows one. Their isn’t a thing you cant do on Windows…it provide much more freedom and diversity than any iPad. 200K comes no where close to MILLIONS.

  • RonM

    Windows is the tool used by forces that run the
    corporate world.  It is shortsightedness to think its just about the
    office suite.  I see a lot of comments from supposed experts who compare
    Apple products to Microsoft’s.  These are
    people who can’t count 10 applications that run the world, non of which run on
    Apple’s toys.  Apple is the same company
    that took pride in using the paltry old CPUs to put color on the screen instead
    of emphasizing productivity where it mattered. 
    Then cried foul when Microsoft won the corporate world through its wise
    use of what was available back then.

    Apple is still going after eye candy for their typical
    crowd. First they said HD resolution is too much and not necessary for mobile devices,
    now they have gone beyond that and think it matters.  Put the math related to the power wasted for
    no good reason in front of 12 year olds and they’ll say… Neh…!  My Windows 8 tablet will be both a fun and a
    serious tool.


  • Santana George


  • Anonymous

    I think time is the issue.  Get something out sooner than later!  Now the lowest end iPads are in the reach of a younger/cheaper paying audience.  MS needs something out there now.  Also make sure to have 7inch screens through 10 inch screens.  Also make sure all the bells and whistles are still there (HDMI, USB, etc).