Can your tablet do this? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the Surface Pro

The reason one choses a Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet over an iPad or Android tablet is pretty simple – the power of a full Windows PC with the portability of a tablet.

In the above video we have Martin giving a demo of that power, by playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on his tablet.

He notes the game works pretty well, but is somewhat limited by the keyboard – maybe next time he should drag his Xbox 360 controller with him :)

Have any of our readers managed to get their hands on the short-supply tablet yet? Let us know your experience below.

Thanks Martin for the tip.


  • hysonmb

    thanks for posting this!
    I’ve also run the same game using a Bluetooth mouse, still on the touch cover for a keyboard, and it’s much more useable. I haven’t tried the 360 controller yet, maybe tonight, but I’m surprised at how well it’s handled everything I’ve thrown at it so far. Microsoft has a great machine for their first effort, now if only they could get them out to everyone before the interested dies off.

    • Bugbog

      If it’s good, then interest won’t taper off. It will become Iconic!

  • GG002

    Now that’s proper power-to-size ratio!

  • RWalrond

    Surface Pro vs Batman using Xbox controller!

  • blackhawk556

    wireless 360 controller ????

    • RWalrond

      Yep. You can get a USB PC connector for your Xbox controllers.

      • blackhawk556

        It would be better if we could connect wirelessly :)

        Sent from my Windows Phone 8

        • RX-187

          You can, with the “Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming
          Receiver for Windows”
          Have mine working with my X360 wireless controllers in Win8 pro (though, on a desktop, it connects via usb, and can connect to 4 wireless controllers + headsets, multiplayer emulation for old classic games!!!!) I’m assuming it should work fine on the Surface Pro as well.

  • MikadoWu

    I got 2…… Running Photoshop CS6…..

    • Sandré BreakDabox Malcolm

      holyshit you just made my night.. how is it with the pen input?

  • Alexander Nevrmind

    I like it.

  • Duel

    But who cares? You very likely already have better desktop or laptop to play this game and others games too, so why you wanna play these games with much smaller display, worse controller etc.

    Overall worse gaming experience what you already got, so yeah

    • important

      Because some people (like me) are looking for a device able to replace both their tablet and laptop so this video is actually very important for me.

    • GG002

      I’ll tell you something: I am thinking of moving overseas for further studies, and I cannot lug with me my PC. A Surface Pro would be my ideal companion until settled down properly. I don’t play very demanding games anyway, mostly CSS or CS:Go. So speak for yourself!

  • thanks

    I’ve been looking for this since it was released. Thanks for sharing!

  • gluck

    waiting for surface on amd chipset with powerful graphics for dota 2… i realy want it…

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    Well i guess is time to wait for Overwolf team to release their software :) so I can play games with no keyboard and only touch…like tablet. but who knows when they will release it but lets hope it will be soon.

  • David


  • Ocelotty1

    Can it handle Skyrim? anyone know yet?

  • fezvrasta

    Yes sure, my tablet (Acer) can.

  • Godlike

    maybe next time he should drag his Xbox 360 controller with him
    That’s a joke, right? Only idiots plays CS on pad…

  • Windows 8

    I am again left high and dry coz it will not be available anywhere else in the world !!
    what to do except wait ..

    Come on Microsoft, make them fast and show the world what you are capable of :)