Channel 4 4OD video on demand app now in the Windows 8 Store

Channel 4 has launched their 4OD video on demand app into the Windows 8 store.

The app provides shows from Channel 4, E4 and More 4, including Homeland, Fresh Meat, and The Inbetweeners to Windows 8 and Surface tablet owners.

Channel 4 will also promote the app across the rest of its channels in conjunction with Microsoft.

“It demonstrates how we can work with clients collaboratively to create something that is new to market, bespoke and one that utilises all our 4oD platforms as well as linking in to relevant content on Channel 4 to provide a fully integrated cross media brand experience,” noted Channel 4’s group digital manager Michael McSharry.

The app and content is free and can be found in the Windows 8 Store here.

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  • Drewidian

    Microsoft needs to bring all of the XBox 360 VOD services to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

    • alukard

      You’re very right. They’ve already got the developers, they just need to encourage them to port the apps over.

  • toakley

    Why can’t they bring this to WP8? D:

    • alukard

      Technically it can be done, the developers just need incentive from Microsoft.

  • Bugbog

    The 4oD app is an excellent example of a Windows 8 tablet app. One that works well and smoothly enough that I’m even willing to brave the adverts to jump in!

  • alukard

    I hope this encourages BBC to get their p apps the window platform.

  • JKY

    Nice, so I hope the BBC get on board and that they start to make things for both WP8 and RT around the same time…. is the ball now starting to roll?

  • xma1e

    Great app, way better than having to use a browser for C4

  • Brassedoffsurfacebuyer

    So when do we get the ability to download C4 programmes that Apple and Google Tablets now have?,,,,,,,,,,
    Mind you that goes for BBC IPLayer downloads and also even watching Sky Go!! Useless bit of kit at the moment for mediavwatching on the move unlike most other tablets1