Cheaper PS4 Experiencing Hardware Issues Already

Many mainstream news outlets are reporting on users having hardware problems with Sony’s PS4.  The problem got bad enough where Sony’s President of PlayStation, Shuhei Yoshida, took to twitter to release a statement:

“Be assured we are investigating reported PS4 issues. The number is very small compared to shipped, we believe they are isolated incidents.”

The current PR spin by Sony is that these problems are only being experienced by users who received the PS4 earlier then the general public.  However, this may be a hint of the lack of quality control going on in the Sony production line. A cheaper console has its consequences, and one of these may have been a more relaxed quality control to save money.

Kotaku, in their PS4 review, noted their first console did not work at all, and had to subsequently go procure another console.  Many users on Reddit are also complaining of issues with the PS4.  User “arogon” reports:

“When I turn on my console it just sits there pulsing blue. As far as I can tell it is supposed to turn white but it isn’t doing that. There is no signal on my tv either. I talked to at least 5 tech support people on the phone and 1 on-line. All of them but two outright refused to help me saying that the console is not yet released and they can’t help me. Two of the tech tried to help me boot it up into safe mode and that failed. At that point they both told me to call back Friday. I have the video of my initial boot up here: if you want I can make a new video better explaining my problem.”

Yahoo reported having WiFi issues with their console, and the software crashing multiple times.  Users of popular gaming forum NeoGaf are also angrily posting issues with their PS4.

Sony is no stranger to manufacturing devices, TVs, CD Players, Laptops, consoles, and the list goes on and on.  Its interesting that they are experiencing such issues at a critical launch for the company.  One possibility is that they may have outsourced some components or possibly all of the manufacturing in an effort to produce a cheaper console in an effort to try to better compete with Microsoft and a lackluster worldwide economy.

While Sony may have won some early PR battles, it is clear they have a tough road ahead of them.  Microsoft is no stranger to hardware issues either, having had a host of them on the Xbox 360.  However, I think there is much less room for mistake with this generation of the console wars, and by all accounts it appears the hardware is something Microsoft has nailed down quite well for the Xbox One.

If you have an expensive brick on your hands, might as well do some target practice:

Source: Yahoo

  • Kevin Blake

    Kotaku problem resloved was not a fault but damage caused by the hdmi socket with two of the pins misaligned as of now only 6 to 8 units reported to having problems and nearly all to do with hdmi so it could well be damage related and not a fault at all

    • auziez

      na ps4 just sucks. XD

    • theflew

      It’s a fault if when you insert a HDMI cable pins can be damaged. That shouldn’t happen when you insert a cable.

    • nohone

      Sony sells millions of TVs, Blu-Ray players, and PS3s – all with HDMI. The reported number of PS3s is 75 million, so I think it is safe to say they have over 100 million devices they have sold with HDMI. There are 100s of millions of non-Sony devices – TVs, disk players, graphics cards, laptops, competing game consoles, etc. etc. etc.

      But we have never heard of this problem before with a Sony or non-Sony made device. And now this is an problem that a fair number of people are having, but it is not that big of a deal? It is very coincidental that suddenly people are having this problem that they never had before, don’t you think?

    • NGM123

      6 to 8 units? Non fanboy site link please?

  • nohone

    Sony says it only affects a small number of those shipped. Here is the thing, they shipped X consoles (where X is a large number, half million for instance). But only Y number of consoles were actually shipped to people (where Y is very small number, those that won the Taco Bell contest, journalists, etc.). And Z number of users are reporting problems. Compared to X, Z is relatively small, but compared to Y, Z seems large.
    Sony is just playing with the numbers to spin it in their favor.

    • Guest

      nohone how about a link to your Apps really want to support WP developers!!!

      • nohone

        I am not sharing that info. My apps have my real name attached to those apps, and I don’t want some crazed Apple/Google/Sony fanboy showing up on my front door at 3AM because I offended him/her/it by not worshipping his favorite.

        • Bryan

          I think most of us regular readers know who you are anyways.

          • nohone

            And who would that be?

          • Guest

            The pot calling the kettle black!

        • Guest

          BS either it does not exist and your a liar or it does exist and it is crap and your embarrass of get and proves your point of view of your post too is crap.

          • nohone

            Oh no! Someone I don’t know on the internet doesn’t believe me! What ever shall I do?
            The apps I wrote all have web sites behind them. You can do a whois on those web sites and it will give my name and address. Not only that, I wouldn’t put it past people like you, coward that you are, to give my apps bad ratings – that is if you actually used Windows – and I am willing to bet you don’t, you are just here to troll.

          • Guest

            MORE BS!!!

            Just admit you are full of it you have no Apps and you talk trash to make yourself fell important then go back to your job flipping burgers!!!

          • nohone

            You are always good for a laugh.

  • auziez

    I was wondering how they got the price so low with a console so small and with such good specs (sorta). I guess this is the result.

    Suddenly i feel allot better about that 100$ extra on the xbox one…. I’d bet you no day 1 problems.

    • David

      To be honest there is no extra $100 that we spent. We got kinect and lots of media, TV features that PS4 can’t even come close and match those features. At the end of the day if you do calculation and what you get for your money Xbox One is actullay cheaper than PS4. I never felt bad even for a second about that extra $100 because I knew what I am getting extra (Hardware and features).
      And I can’t wait for my Xbox One Day One! :)

      • neva

        Lot’s of my friends will still get a PS4 because they came from PS3.

        I have a PS3 myself and I’m very likely to never get a PS4. I would be glad to pay 100€ more and jump in the XBox boat in day one but Microsoft decided my country doesn’t deserve it before 2014 so I’m waiting…
        BTW, here the PS4 will launch in 29th November for 399€. There is a pack with PS4 + KillZone + camera + 2nd Controller for 504€ and I bet XBox One solo will go for arround 550€ so PS4 ends up cheaper…
        Just wish XBox One could have digital games with DRM priced similar to Steam even if we needed XBL Gold for getting those prices. SteamBox is comming and Valve will not make it easy for Microsoft!

  • Emi the Strange

    Have you seen the PS4 forums? lol at people who “I switched from 360 to PS4” this is what they deserve, yeah $100 cheaper… but you cant use it? cool console :)

    I dont even care about PS4 or Xbox One war, its stupid. but when people seem to complain about stupid things about Xbox One, like if PS4 was a present from god’s hand. and say how much Microsoft and xbox suck, and always talking about rrod… and how PS4 is cheaper and how xbox one cant even do 1080p in some games (even though xbox one looks and performs better) I think its funny this is happening.
    its not even about my opinion how xbox one is better to me, but its more about people trashtalking xbox one, Sony guys included and it seems they never cared so much about their products, but instead were looking at the competition first.
    its like politics! now im seeing ads on tv about how the competition sucks, but the person talking hasn’t done anything to show he is better than the competition either.
    So in this case, Sony doesn’t show their design is good, nor the software… poor Twitch guy I felt bad for him and people insulting him on facebook when this shows it wasn’t his fault.

  • Bloob

    If this is more than reported isolated incidents, then it’s quite a fail.

    edit: though, I have to say, that the price difference to XBone is mostly the Kinect.

  • elpadr1no

    As a huge MS fanboy who is eagerly awaiting his Day One XBOX on Friday, I have to say that this is a hardware launch and almost EVERY hardware launch has these issues. No need to fan the fanboy flames. Have some integrity. If the X1 has the same issues(I sincerely hope not) you’ll be here spinning it in MS favor.

    • GG002

      Nothing new, Sony has been doing and is doing the same. Who cares, it’s good for business to have fanboys.

  • Ryan

    I won’t be surprised if the Xbox One has issues as well. This happens every time.
    The PS4 also isn’t cheaper than the Xbox – it just costs less because it doesn’t have a Kinect included, so I don’t think that’s a factor here.

    • Drewidian

      Actually, Sony is rumored to be loosing about $60 on every PS4 due to the increased speed of the RAM whereas the Xbox One makes a small profit.

    • nohone

      It is possible, but one thing to keep in mind is after RROD I am sure Microsoft put a lot of work into making sure the process of assembling the console and how it works is as near to perfect as possible. When Sony released the PS3, they went through great pains about telling us how they practically put the console in an oven to make sure it worked under extreme heat and other conditions. Sony also delayed the PS3 over and over to add features (and still delivered much less than what they promised) and make sure it worked. Where is their talk about that now? Sony could use RROD to assure people the PS4 is working flawlessly, and you should buy them and not the console that has a questionable past. But instead, their marketing line is “we don’t do A/V”

    • theflew

      That’s not completely true. The Xbox design internally is a lot more conservative than the PS4. That’s one reason the power supply on the Xbox One is external and there is a lot of empty space in the XBox One interior. The PS4 is designed like a cell phone where things are packed in almost as close as possible because they had to fit a form. The Xbox One on the other hand took more of an inside out approach.

  • NGM123

    How’s the issue with the wobbling console.Unbelievable. Anyone who says this is acceptable or OK is kidding themselves. So, the consequence might not be much for the average punter but this is very poor design and shockingly poor quality control. ANY spinning disc platform needs a rock solid and stable platform, to defend this BS is beyond laughable.
    Imagine trying to play a CD on a quality music system with the vibration and harshness that scenario would generate…………oh hang on.

  • surferguy

    If you check the failure rate over here at Amazon’s site, you’ll see it doesn’t look too good for Sony’s launch, right now at this positing its 145 to 76 failure rate… that’s a 52% failure rate…not good at all!!

  • V.A.N.

    Sony says that the number of systems effected is 0.4%.

    0.4% = 4,000 units, which means 996,000 units are reported fine. I know mine is and every single friend of mine who I know bought the PS4 are not reporting any problems. To spin this issue as a result of the PS4 “cheaper” is laughingly bad.

    • nohone

      As I wrote in another thread, Sony announced the 0.4% number on Thursday the 14th, the day before the PS4 was even released. If Sony knew exactly how many consoles were defective before shipping them, why didn’t they just hold those consoles back and not send them out broken?

      • LexicoRed

        Unless you include previous Xbox…that was a major snafu for us MSFT fanboys