Check Out All The Improvements In The New Surface Pro 3 Visually

Surface Pro 3 1
Meet #SurfacePro3, the tablet that can replace your laptop.

Surface Pro 3 2
#SurfacePro3 features a gorgeous 12″ ClearType display with a 2160 x 1440 screen resolution. Try to look away.

Surface Pro 3 3

At only 800 grams, the #SurfacePro3 is heavyweight performance in a featherweight form.
Surface Pro 3 4

With @intel i3, i5, and i7 processors, the #SurfacePro3 is our fastest, most powerful device yet.
Surface Pro 3 5
The multi-position kickstand on #SurfacePro3 is gorgeous and productive at any angle.

Surface Pro 3 6
Type in your comfort zone with the redesigned #SurfacePro3 Type Cover.

We’ve completely redesigned the #SurfacePro3’s touch pad. Tap and scroll to your heart’s content.

Surface Pro 3 7

Open @MSOneNote instantly with the Surface Pen on #SurfacePro3.
Surface Pro 3 8

With Dolby sound and a gorgeous 12” display, #SurfacePro 3 is an entertainment powerhouse.

Pre-order it from Microsoft Store today.

  • Thoughtful

    Incredible! ..and that was a really good presentation. Hats off to you MS

    • Bugbog

      I LoL’d at the demo ad “Levitation not included!” 😀

    • Zicoz

      I love that they have the balls to do live drop tests

  • JohnCz

    No way did I think they could have pulled off such a thin form factor so soon. Just awesome and I love the new level of pen integration. Yeah, I’m jumping on this device.

  • donzebe

    Great product. Like the fact that Microsoft have not waited for months to bring it to market. Hope this strategy will continue with all their products.

  • Drewidian

    I like that the device is bigger and thinner. That is what the OEMs should be doing. Personally, I don’t want the Surface Pro 3. I would prefer a larger 2 in one like the Dell Venue Pro. A 13″ version of that which will have a traditional keyboard and track pad would be perfect for me especially with the desktop and laptop docks. It would also be cheaper than any of the Surface Pro 3s with comparable specs. I do like the stylus and OneNote support and would love to have that capability.

    • Bugbog

      I was almost kinda expecting, during the accessories phase, for Panos to pull a MacBook Air type keyboard base out and wave it about claiming “this is for all you Apple snobs!” :)

    • Joe_HTH

      The Venue Pro 11 doesn’t have comparable specs.

      • Drewidian

        the i5 version has 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. There is a version of the Surface Pro 3 that has the same specs. Between the two, the Dell is cheaper and while it doesn’t have the other unique features demonstrated today, it is a great device.

  • reKitab

    Keep them coming, MS, Bigger and thiner Surface devices. Minis can wait!

  • Sunovavic

    I would love to see an 18″ or bigger surface pro! My Vaio tap 21 is nice and all but still too heavy and clunky since it’s a desktop but I love being able to unplug it, and take it to the conference room for a meeting.

  • BeefNeegroidMaster

    For the life of me, I still can’t understand what one note is for. But I am a GTD-er.

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      It’s like Microsoft Word… only… ehhh… ¿more popular?

  • Bugbog

    Now this is the sort of incorporated quality I’d like to see when a company demo’s FTL (Faster/Thinner/Lighter).

  • Joe_HTH

    I was blown away, not expecting the device to be this good. However, I still think the price does not help Microsoft or Windows tablets gain market share.

    However, I fully agree with them holding off on the Mini until they can really build the right device and differentiate.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    The presentation was amazing, Microsoft just got its vibe back…