Check Out All The New Features In Windows 8.1 Update 1 (Video)

This Windows 8.1 Update 1 build is now available for download from various illegal sites and the leaked build with build string of 9600.16596.WINBLUES14_GDR_LEAN.140114-0237 revealed many new features that we reported in the past week. Winbeta did a quick video walk through showing main changes in Windows 8.1 Update 1. Check it out above.

New features in Windows 8.1 Update 1:

  • Metro apps have a title bar, with close/minimize buttons and the ability to “Split left/right” when you right-click it.
  • You can keep taskbar visible while using modern apps
  • Control Panel item in metro PC Settings
  • 200% and 250% DPI scaling modes added to control panel (in 8.1 RTM, to get these values you have to go “custom”), 250% is the default on screens with more than 1800 vertical lines
  • Shutdown button on the start screen*, doesn’t show on less than 8″ tablets to prevent accidental shutdown
  • Search button on the start screen*
  • Instead of metro bars (top and bottom) a context menu appears when you right-click an app on the start screen*
  • Pinning metro apps to desktop taskbar*
  • Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode

via: winbeta, betawiki

  • tiqitoq

    i tried clean installation of the leaked update last night & these are what i noticed:

    – doesn’t boot directly to desktop by default, contrary to what are claimed on the web
    – store is pinned on the task bar
    – the license key is asked at the later part of the installation with an option to skip (just like in win 7). For 8 & 8.1 you have to enter your key at the early part of installation without option to skip.
    – your unique genuine key is accepted during installation. before, it was not, you have to use a generic key then activate using your unique genuine key.
    – able to pin tiles on the task bar

    • Allan Cantillo

      Is it possible to run metro apps inside the desktop, or just the pinned icons?

  • GetEdumated

    God I hate this guy! Hey, have you ever heard of planning? We don’t need to watch 7 mins of you going “Uh, what else…. hmmm… what else is new… um,,, I don’t know… oh- how about this? No… nothing there… um…” or trying to get something to work that clearly isn’t.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I like some aspects of it, but I run so many R.T. Applications that my taskbar will become crowded if I’ll run it in that mode. :-

  • DKJr

    Kinda disappointed honestly but I guess they have to make all happy. I was waiting for the day where all apps run under metro rather than keep flipping me back to Desktop mode. Simply update Office and make companies like intuit update to Metro and I will have no use for Desktop. I hope I will not be force to default to desktop.