Check Out Microsoft’s Vision For The Smart Home From The 90’s

Microsoft always predicts the technology future correct than any other technology company. They did it in the past with PC revolution, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, interactive live TV, and even smart homes. The above video is the Microsoft’s vision of the future smart home released in the 90’s. As you can see, there are lots of things you saw in the video is now available in the market. Yet, there is no Smart home solution that works in a integrated way as Microsoft’s predicted. Hopefully, Microsoft will be able to deliver this Smart home platform before anyone else. Even though Microsoft entered smartphone, smart watch and tablet industries before anyone else in the industry, Microsoft is now trailing. I really hope Microsoft does not miss yet another opportunity.

What do you think?

  • Azjerei

    Look at that hardware design! Gotta love the 90’s 😀

  • reKitab

    All’s coming to fruition. Welldone MS!

  • Ruufus

    “Cortana. Remind me to buy eggs and milk next time I am at Costco.”

    God, I loved the 1990’s.