Check Out Microsoft’s Way Of Saying Thanks To Web Developers For Everything They Have Done

At this year’s Developer Conference (DevCon1), Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 team presented a video for saying thanks to web developers  for everything they  have done. If you are an web developer/engineer, you need to watch this for sure.

There are presentations that leave you daydreaming about a warm bed and a good book. Then there are presentations like this…

Filmed at this year’s Developer Conference (DevCon1), web developer Ted Knealey gets more than a little carried away as he explains the impact his profession has had on the world today.

And why not? After all, it’s not the browser that makes the web brilliant. It’s you.

via: istartedsomething Source: Microsoft

  • rockuz

    That is funny!

  • Haymo


  • Sentree


  • Joe_HTH

    They don’t need to thank them, because they haven’t made nearly enough great Windows 8 apps. Same might can be said for WP8. Microsoft should not give them squat this coming build.

    • AS147

      You attract more bees with honey but I can see where you are coming from.

  • dcmobi

    You’re welcome