Check Out Project Ripple, A Foot-Controlled Infotainment Platform From Microsoft

Add this to the list of really interesting projects from Microsoft Research. Project Ripple is a foot-controlled and gesture based infotainment platform. At the Augmented World Expo, Microsoft demoed this Project Ripple which can be used in various ways. While most of the mall projector games will have one screen projected from the above, Project Ripple will have an additional screen before the user. User will be able to control the second screen using his gestures detected by Microsoft Kinect. Microsoft believes this system can deliver information, create interactive ads or could be used to give presentations at special events.

The real beauty is that Microsoft is making this platform open source and free to use. Also there are releasing a free drag-and-drop editor to create new custom experiences and menus, with support for Flash, HTML, PPT and video content. Read more from the link below.

via: Engadget

  • ZloiYuri

    And now, my baby, I will teach you how do the splits. Please, zoom that small picture… More! I said more!!!

  • Kaino

    More a case of adding to the long list of silly time and money wasting projects this Division of Microsoft has come up with.