Check Out The New Microsoft Surface Ad

As the product itself, the marketing videos of Microsoft Surface are looking good. At the end of the launch keynote today, Microsoft played its new commercial for Microsoft Surface. Microsoft Surface is already creating lots of buzz around the web and even among the non-techies. The pre-orders begun last week and some SKUs even got sold out in many countries. Windows 8 marketing should further increase Surface awareness among people and this leading to further sales.

You can enjoy the Surface commercial above.

  • berumen

    can’t wait for surface pro.

  • Cliff

    Now that’s a cool ad

  • alukard

    cant wait for my pre-ordered surface rt

  • KennyB123

    I haven’t received my tracking # via email, nor does it list as shipped on the Microsoft Store. Anyone else having this issue and getting worried for tomorrow?

    • lokitoth

      I am in the same boat. I called them yesterday and they said it was going to arrive on the 26th. Will find out tomorrow, I guess.

    • Kevin

      I haven’t gotten a email yet but I know mine is currently flying to CA from Alaska.

      • KennyB123

        How do you know?

        • Gunpwdr

          There was another post on wpcentral and here. Basically take your order # from MS and remove the pre-pended MS from your order # and use that as your reference # on UPS or Fedex’s site. I will get mine tomorrow 😀

          • KennyB123

            Thanks for the info, but mine doesn’t track on either website. Now I’m even MORE worried.