Check Out The New Video From Microsoft To Attract Developers To Windows 8

Microsoft Windows YouTube channel today posted a video to attract more developers to the new Windows 8 platform. Windows 8 brings in a new class of platform optimized for Touch UI and with the help of Windows Store it changes the way people downloaded apps on Windows before. In the above video, Microsoft showcases many high profile apps and games that are already available in Windows Store such as ARMED, IHeartRadio, Wikipedia, Kayak, etc,. Microsoft also shared an important fact that in last year, more Windows licenses were sold than Android, iOS and Macs combined.

I hope videos like the above interests developers in Windows 8 platform..


  • The__Truth__Hurts

    I think what would attract far more developers to Microsoft is Microsoft did this from the get go.

    11.6 inch, 2560x1440p, multi-touch display
    8MP rear cam w/ flash (killer photos & videos)
    1440p front cam
    Quad Core A15 CPU (Like snapdragon S4)
    2GB memory
    32, 64 & 128GB storage options

    Windows 8 RT, with FULL OFFICE 365/outlook suport.

    $500, $600, $700
    $650, $750, $850 (Bundle with type cover and stylus)

    I Might argue and say, laptop-like dock. Backlit keyboard, touchpad, ports, additional battery. Maybe $150 for that.
    (Say… 16 to 20 hours of total battery life with dock?)

    This would have pushed RT massively, because an RT device could (literally) replace an Intel/AMD powered device.

    Then offer 11.6 and 13.3 inch x86 Surfaces
    2560x1440p display
    8MP rear camera w/ flash, 1440p front
    Up to 8GB memory
    Up to 512GB storage capacity
    Up to i7 CPU
    Windows 8 Pro.

    Price wise? $800 to $2000+ depending on configuration and bundles (similar bundles like above.

    Yes, those devices the OEM’s may be very angry about….. But it would FORCE the OEM’s massively to step up the game.

    • PoohGQ

      I don’t believe your argument here because the device is good as it is. The only issue is distribution (there are far few MS Stores and most people that would actually benefit from this device do not or may not order through the MS Store online. MS has already designed discounts into this device once availability in regular stores reaches maturity. Of course, by then, a new Surface RT will be available with more power to boot..

      • Bugbog

        I reaaaaaally am fatigued from viewing his “dream” specs every other post, little realising their impracticality.

  • duk3togo

    Did anyone else noticed they used a Samsung tab not a surface??