Check Out The New Windows 8.1 Ad From Microsoft Emphasizing The Different Form Factors Of PCs

Microsoft has released a new video ad to promote Windows 8.1. This new ad mainly focuses on the different kind of PC form factors running Windows 8.1 that is available on market.It shows devices like Surface which has detachable keyboards, 2-in-1s, Ultrabooks, hybrids, 8-inch tablets, etc,. It also shows Windows 8.1 platform features such as Live Tiles, Snap view modes, support for 3D printing, etc,.

Watch the ad above.


  • Bugbog


  • jaylyric

    Kudos… I like it..

  • koenshaku

    This was one of their good ads, which are difficult to come by with MS.

  • David van der Zande

    Now it looks like Windows 8.1 lags…

    • McCheeseFist

      still faster than android devices…

    • nohone

      Can’t find anything of real worth to complain about and have never tried it out for yourself to see that it is not true, make something up. The video is filmed using stop motion? That must mean Windows is laggy

      • David van der Zande

        Ehrm. I have a Surface RT, and yes, Windows 8.1 doesn’t lag.

        It’s just that the average consumer might not notice the stopmotion thing.

        • nohone

          People have seen enough movies with stop motion to know what it is. If the displays were lagging and the arm or displays were not, then they would think that it is a problems with the devices/OS. But it was very clear that it was the style of the video. But you could not do this type of commercial if it were not stop motion. You cannot fold, stretch and manipulate the devices without using any form of video manipulation.
          And to say that people may think it lags, then people will think that using an iPod will make you a monochrome hipster that can’t stop dancing, and using an Android will cause machines to implant devices into your body, turning you into a cyborg.

  • The1nChicago

    I still think these adds should still show that although WIN8 is touch the desktop with all the critical applications are still there.

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    The Dell Venue does really well in this ad… its gonna a neat device.

  • frankwick

    it’s ok, not great