Check Out These Amazing Themes For Your Windows Desktop

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I love personalizing my desktop to suite by needs and themes are also a big part of it. Windows Personalization Gallery offers variety of themes, wallpapers for your Windows desktop free and they update it regularly with new content. Today, Windows team blog highlighted few of the recently added items.

Windows Themes 2

  • Do people still read the Iliad? I studied it in school, mumble years ago, and one of the few things I remember about it is that every single time sunrise is mentioned, it is described as “rosy-fingered dawn” or “dawn’s rosy fingers.” I don’t know about you, but I have never once looked at the brightening eastern sky and thought, “Yep, that looks like a pink hand.” But dawn certainly can be beautiful, so I’ve curated a luminous set of misty morning images that I hope will bring a touch of quiet serenity to your desktop. Now you don’t even have to get up early to enjoy the loveliness of sunrise!
  • Water is beautiful in all its forms, whether in an expansive lakeside view or in the smallest dewdrop. Photographer Shilpa Rao captures the gemlike clarity of water drops in her new Liquid Jewels theme, in which they gleam like amethysts, rubies, garnets, and topazes beading the petals of vibrantly colored flowers.
  • Photographer Sean Byrne’s new theme, celebrating the beauty of Britain, includes watery seaside views (at Devon, Brighton Pier, Brancaster, and along the English Channel) as well as notable inland sights including Stonehenge, Big Ben, and the Tower Bridge. His images vividly convey the glittering light and fast pace of the city as well as the peaceful quiet of more remote British landscapes.
  • Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, photographer Josh Robinson has been documenting the lush and varied landscapes of New Zealand, which you can now enjoy in his new theme. We’ve intermingled panoramic and standard proportion images for twice the immersive drama.


Find more from the link below.

via: Windows Team blog.

  • sloppyslim

    won’t that clash with metro’s play-doh tiles ?
    or are themes just for screen savers

    • Emi the Strange

      1. it’s optional to use the wallpaper as start screen background
      2. when you do that the background gets a little darker. so no, nothing will do anything with the tiles. in fact, almost any wallpaper looks great as a start screen background.

  • robertwade

    When I was a kid I use to spend a lot of time obsessing over customizing every aspect of my computer and PDA. Then I grew out of that and concentrated on actually DOING something with my devices. I now only do the lightest of customizationg: Changing a wallpaper, though very infrequently, on my PCs/laptops or changing the theme color on my Windows Phone. Everything else is a waste of time and, in most cases, simply makes devices look like crap.

    • tropolite

      I agree robertwade, although I found that Bing Desktop gives me some very different wallpapers each day. Normally I’d baulk at that but there’s been a number of wallpapers that have really stirred up my desire to travel again.
      Suggest you give it a whirl if you want some tasteful daily subtle changes.

    • Bugbog

      I hear ya!

      Wallpaper I come across from time-to-time that I like I save to themed folders, then I auto-set a variable timed background change for my dual-windowed system.