Check Out These Lumia 2520 Tablet Promo Videos From Nokia

Nokia recently posted couple of promo videos for Nokia Lumia 2520 on their YouTube channel. Both these videos focuses on the Work+Play scenario in which Lumia 2520 excels. Watch the videos above!

Inside. Outside. At home. Or at the office. Get it all done wherever you are with the Nokia Lumia 2520. It’s bright, its 4G fast and it’s packed with everything you need for work and play.

Check it out here

  • 89caps

    Again with the music, Nokia has great marketing.

  • Njoi Fontes

    I want the song from the first video, but it was probably made only for the ad…

  • HighDefJunkies

    So damn sexy!

  • SpitefulGOD

    Damn, that makes me want one, and I don’t even like RT, I have a surface pro and rt, but could do with the extra battery and speed this provides and it looks more stunning than the surface 2

    • neva

      Same here!
      I hate Windows RT and think it completely lost it’s purpose when Intel released the BayTrail Atom but Nokia makes me want one of these…

      • PoohGQ

        I love my Surface RT. If you have big long fingers like I do, you’ll appreciate RT’s Metro UI. All it needs are apps that so far I haven’t had the need for on the road. I use Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Acrobat, MySQL, SQL, Filemaker Pro, SAP R3 S&D Module, Lotus Notes, Notepad++, Visual Studio (Phew…), and other web dev tools on my notebook or home PC. Surface RT gives me all the other tools I really need for client presentation and/or work on the road and I can RDP into my home PC if need be. SkyDrive allows me to access any files I need on the road and so far have never plugged in any of the 3 thumb drives, I have with me at all times, to store or access offline data.
        If you’ve tried to do something similar with iOS or Android, then you’d really appreciate the difference Surface 1 or 2 bring to the marketplace. Now, if only the media would stop spread all the FUD, we could potentially see Surface 1, 2 and Lumia 2520 take over the entire entry-level, intermediate-to-advanced ARM tablet marketplace!

      • NegLewis

        A modern OS should not depend on the architecture.
        It should be able to run on multiple architectures: ARM, x86, x64…
        Windows and Linux already have done that – partially.
        MAC OS is in redesign – you can see glimpses of that x86-ARM merger in various services MAC/Apple has build in the last months/year.

        I suspect by the time Linux and Windows will be CPU Arch. Independent – Apple will announce their first Release of mARMverick.

        Win ARM (RT) it’t the best thing MS has build in the last years.
        It’s only at version 2… and has only 1 year… and it’s already more secure than iOS and MAC.

        Intel will release in 2015++ a true Low Power CPU Architecture.
        ARM already has that NOW.

        ARM will release in 2015++ a true Powerful CPU Architecture.
        Intel already has that.

        • Ben A

          But mac os x does not support ARM. so.. windows is the clear winner.

  • GG002

    Damn I wish I had money for this! And also a Surface 2! But at least my dear Surface mk 1 got a refresh today, with a purple TypeCover 2!

    • techieg

      This is what other OEMs should be doing but instead they want to modify UI like its Android crap. After Surface is certainly Lumia tablets, in my opinion. All other OEMs with “transforming” tablets/laptops should pile them up and burn them to ashes and then burn the ashes as well all over again.

      • Ben A

        yes this is how OEMs should do it. they should learn from this.

  • luca

    Quick question… But in W8 the live tiles are live or do they have the same issue of WP8 where they only update every 30min or so??

    • Ben A

      there is no issue. its how live tiles work that way. in the future they will be more to live tiles than ever before in future versions of windows.

      • luca

        Hi Ben, so are the live tiles live or do they refresh every 30min or so? I know in WP8 its a limitation set by MS but doesnt mean that its ideal. The idea behind live tiles is great and i love it but realistically for example a battery app that doesn’t show live battery percentege on the live tile but only if you open the app i hope you agree with me that its not ideal.

  • NegLewis

    People are not ready for a tablet made for productivity.
    MS has not understood that when designing Surface Pro.
    Yes – there will be that kind of people who will do that too, but not the vast majority.

    Nokia has understood that a long time ago. It seems that they understood that a Windows tablet ALREADY HAS what it takes to be successful, there is no need to promote that again and again. They need to make a fashion statement.

    MS already has the business part… they just need to open people’s eye’s with a fashion statement.
    It’s time for a reset in Marketing.
    A tablet must be able to do what a smartphone can do + something else.

    • Ben A

      not true. some people who have businesses want a tablet for productivity not a toy that can play angry birds. this is not the message we should be spreading to the business community. Not just getting a piece of pie in the consumer market, that is important too, but a business market, Microsoft want to keep their throne in the business market share.

  • UMovies

    id like a 2520 red and a 1520 red and a surface pro or one of the surface pro competitors

    • Rico Alexander

      Me too! Need a 2nd job.

  • Mark Gibbs

    Ok so Microsoft needs to Fire every Marketing person and hand it all over to Nokia, I love my Surface RT but after watching this, Nokia is so Apple like with comercials and that is exactly what MS needs Badly. People will stop and watch, great music, shows the device and amazing.

  • 1stkorean

    There are 4 Surface RT and 2 Surface Pro circa 2012 in our household and they are exceptional devices. They are going to be donated and replaced with 4 (my boys want the silver chassis) & 2 Surface 2 & Pro 2 devices.

  • Guest

    I didn’t know Apple release a Product (Red) iPad!

    • nohone

      You can tell it is not an iPad in a number of ways:
      1) Apple sues other companies for having rounded corners because they are the only ones to have thought of such a thing. This does not have round corners.
      2) Apple took Metro, made it ugly, buggy, and in many cases, unusable. The Nokia tablet has genuine Windows Metro. And don’t forget, until iOS7 was announced, iOS6 looked perfect, a refresh was not necessary, and Metro was ugly. Now, Metro is all the rage!

      • Guest

        You must be a troll or a poser if you was a real Microsoft fan you would know we no longer call it metro.

        • nohone

          You make a troll post claiming it is an iPad, trying to distract from the topic when iPad is not mentioned in the article. But I am a troll because I use the name Metro, the name of the UI that most who follow the computer industry know the Microsoft design language by? I suppose since you did not address my comment, it is true, Apple did steal the UI language, made it ugly and buggy, and all Apple has is rounded corners.

          • Guest

            iOS may be ugly and buggy but it makes money(can’t say that about WP8 OS)

          • Guest

            Ugly and buggy – that dis robes Windows OS throughout the 80s, 90s and 2000s!!!!!

  • frarcool17

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