Check Out These Strange Windows 8 Ads From Microsoft

Microsoft YouTube account yesterday posted three strange Windows 8 ads that never really shows the actual product. All the above ads involves Japanese people doing some weird things on screen. Neowin posted an explanation of these ads which are considered to be metaphor for Windows 8 features.

Aside from the fact that the content of each ad is very strange, the other thing that’s noticeable is that a Windows 8 PC is nowhere to be found in any of these commercials. Microsoft seems to be using the ad’s content as a metaphor for features in Windows 8. The watermelon ad is linked to the touchscreen experience and the piano-ping pong clip is meant to show that Windows 8 can do two things at once.

The third commercial is supposed to show that Windows 8 can be both “beautiful and fast” but that’s reaching a bit for that metaphor to work. In any case, these three new commercials will certainly be talked about a lot, no matter how people feel about them in the end and perhaps that was Microsoft’s general idea.

Microsoft has made the video private. However, you can find them in various other links such as (1), (2), (3).

via: Neowin

  • Sergey Durnov

    All videos with restricted access – can’t watch it!

  • Kitab

    No access here either, wtf!


    Can you check shit before you post it?

  • xma1e

    Doh. Restricted

  • Bugbog

    Weird! Ads are definitely for the Japanese market only!

  • RichFrantz


  • Uriel

    More chinese than japanese.

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    if someone wants to watch them… these are the links someone grabbed them before going private

  • Ocelotty1

    CNet had a working copy of these vids. The make up one is pure Genius

  • Asok Asus

    I have no idea what the language is, but I WAS suddenly seized with the urge to rush out and buy a Windows 8 watermelon. Sadly enough no one seemed to have them in stock. Guess they’re so popular that they’re sold out right now. I wonder if Apple sells watermelons?