Check Out These Surface Mini Concept Renders

surface mini 1 surface mini 2

Microsoft is expected to announce a Surface Mini device at an press event on May 20th. Yesterday, another report claimed that Microsoft will announce more than one Surface devices and one will include Intel processor in them too. Designer Jonas Daehnert/Phone Designer has created a Surface Mini concepts that can be seen above. Based on various leaks in the past, here are the details about Surface Mini,

  • No built in Kickstand
  • An accessory cover will work as a kickstand
  • Likely to be available in Silver, similar to the Surface 2
  • ARM based device (Windows RT)
  • Ships in June
  • 7.5-inch device
  • 1440 x 1080 display
  • 4:3 aspect ratio similar to iPad (unlike 16:9 Surface & Surface Pro)
  • Active Pen support (similar to Surface Pro)
  • Ships by end of June

Source: PhoneDesigner via: Neowin

  • jon

    lost me at “ARM”. Seriously, ARM based win 8 devices are dead.

    • Wtechrover

      Dead comment. ARM is great. Especially for small tablets.

      • SpitefulGOD

        Yeah I have a surface pro, I rarely use the desktop features apart from utorrent and vlc. It’s mostly used for browsing, music and films

        • PoohGQ

          What a waste! Reminds me of when I see a 75 year old driving a 550SEL or a 750iL..!
          I like my Surface RT for browsing and quick email and also for customer demos.. A Surface Pro would be a good replacement for my heavy laptop that I still have to drag along..

          • Sunovavic

            I replaced my laptop with a tablet, 21″ Vaio Tap 21. Surface Pro is too small for me.

    • colphoenix

      I have a SRT and it does what I need and then some. While on it, I rarely use the desktop: I surf the web, read email, use MS Office when I need to, Netflix & Plex run w/o problems and xbox music plays my songs ok. If I need to run Windows programs, I rather use my PC but my SRT tablet is for the road…

    • Bugbog

      Surface 1 and Dell Venue 8 Pro. No difference in usage between the two. Desktop may as well not exist. Anything I wish to do on the desktop I do on my home PC.


    If attractive price tag and offer Office package they will sell well

  • SpitefulGOD

    I hope they get away from the 16:9 ratio

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Looks good, but for the stylus to be truly productive, Onenote, Journal Myscript and other stylus supporting apps need a lot of work to make it useful to use a stylus in this formfactor. Simply porting windows 8.1 RT on this device is not enough for a good end user experience. In my honest opinion, that’s where microsoft gets away too easy with this product. Microsoft has a lot of work ahead of them for this product to sell good, otherwise it’s a mere gimmick, a one hit wonder.

  • Billy

    I work in construction, visit a lot of jobsites and I found the SRT to be exactly what I needed to finally leave the laptop at home. I recently moved from the SRT to a Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet and the experience has been truly awesome for me. There is currently no susbstitute for moderate to heavy use of my tablet while on a business trip, jumping on and off of the Cellular and Wifi networks, using the GPS to find different places with my tablet, and still having plenty of battery life to get through the day. ARM tablets exists for this reason.

  • Richard Durishin

    I hope the pen in this works better than it does on my Surface Pro.

  • spydaweb

    since these mini tablets are targeted at students and readers, I have a feeling color will be a major feature. I also think this could be our first glimpse of the new reading app Microsoft had been working on.

  • Kai

    I hope they would detach desktop completely, after making Office touch which is expected to be released soon and a metro version of file explorer

  • alukard

    I hope the pen is built in a silo.

    • José Villaró

      No, the pen will most certainly be built in a factory -.-