Check Out This Amazing Lineup Of Exclusive Indie Games Coming To Xbox One

In addition to the spectacular lineup of games from some of the world’s best game studios, Microsoft also revealed number of independent studios and indie developers bringing their latest games to Xbox One.

It’s an exciting E3 for Xbox and gamers, as today we showed an amazing lineup of exclusives, blockbusters and a vibrant catalog of games from independent developers. ID@Xbox announced that hundreds of studios are developing innovative games for Xbox One and unveiled incredible games on the horizon.

For those of you who missed the Xbox press briefing or aren’t able to check these games out in person, take a look at the list of ID@Xbox games below and the video above for a peek at new innovations as well as existing fan favorites reinvented to take advantage of unique Xbox One features. Stay tuned to Xbox Wire throughout the week as we feature games from the E3 show floor at the Xbox booth, including “Hyper Light Drifter” and “Lovers in a Dangerous Space.”

Find the list of indie games announced below,

  • “Another World – 20th Anniversary” by Digital Lounge
  • “#IDARB” by Other Ocean
  • “Aztez” by Team Colorblind
  • “Calibre 10 Racing Series” by Bongfish
  • “Chariot” by Frima Studio
  • “Cuphead” byStudio MDHR
  • “Divekick” by Iron Galaxy
  • “Earthlock: Festival of Magic” by Snow Castle Games
  • “Fenix Rage” by Reverb Triple XP, Green Lava Studios
  • “Fibbage” by Jackbox Games
  • “Forced” by BetaDwarf
  • “FRU” by Through Games
  • “INSIDE” by Playdead – From the creators of “LIMBO,” Playdead is bringing “INSIDE” to Xbox first in 2015.
  • “Get Even” by The Farm 51
  • “Guacamelee Super Turbo CE” by DrinkBox Studios
  • “Habitat” by 4gency
  • “Hellraid” by Techland
  • “Hyper Light Drifter” by Heart Machine
  • “Knight Squad” by Chainsawesome Games
  • “Lifeless Planet” by Stage 2 Studios
  • “Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime” by Asteroid Base
  • “Mighty No. 9” by Comcept
  • “NERO” by Storm in a Teacup
  • “Never Alone” by E-Line Media, Upper One Games
  • “Plague Inc: Evolved” by Ndemic Creations
  • “Pure Pool” by Ripstone
  • “Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut” by Toxic Games
  • “Rip Tide GP2” by Vector Unit
  • “Roundabout” by No Goblin
  • “Siegecraft Commander” by Blowfish Studios
  • “SlashDash” by Nevernaut Games
  • “Source” by Fenix Fire Entertainment
  • “Spectra” by Gateway Interactive
  • “The Golf Club” by HB Studios
  • “There Came An Echo” by Iridium Studios
  • “Threes!” by Sirvo / Hidden Variable
  • “Volgarr the Viking” by Crazy Viking Studios
  • “White Night” by Osome Studio
  • “Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries” by GriN –
  • “Wulverblade” by Darkwind Media, Fully Illustrated
  • Emi the Strange

    many years has passed and every year I find more and more boring E3 with Xbox, yeah many games but it was almost all about videos and some gameplay that’s it. nothing spectacular you would die not to miss.

    and Another World as an indie game? it’s sad to read it’s put as an indie game when 20 years ago, when I played it surely wasn’t an indie game. but it’s good is coming back and for xbox one.