Check Out This Amazing Xbox One ‘Invitation’ Ad From Microsoft


Microsoft today posted a new ad to promote its upcoming Xbox One entertainment console. The official Xbox YouTube channel posted this video titled “Invitation”, and it focuses heavily on the gaming experience on Xbox One with a little glimpse of other capabilities like Skype, voice command, etc,. This is just start of the huge marketing effort Microsoft has planned for Xbox One and we will see more of them soon.

Microsoft announced Xbox One few months back and started taking pre-orders via various retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft Stores, etc,. Xbox One, the next  will launch on November 22nd, and it has already seen impressive pre-order sales.

Check out Xbox One listing page on Amazon here.

  • counterblow

    get whoever is doing Xbox commercials to do Windows Phone commercials. It is like WP gets the flunky ad crew….even the Surface Commercials are getting better.

    • Bugbog

      Nokia Windows Phone adverts are great! (You probably mean for general WP adverts?)

      • counterblow

        I have never seen a Nokia ad in the US, all windows phone adds are managed by Microsoft. and of course this will change in the future as there will be no more nokia only ads.

        • DFranch

          Really, I can think of 2 Nokia ads which received a lot of airplay in the US. The one out right now for the Lumia 1020 where the parents are fighting to take pictures of their kids in the school play on their phones, except the couple with the 1020 who don’t need to fight for position because the 1020 can zoom in. the wedding fight where the wedding guests are fighting over which is better iOS or Android, but the wait staff have windows phone and don’t see the need to fight over it.

          • counterblow

            those are Microsoft commercials advertising Nokia hardware. The entire “Don’t Fight, Switch” campaign is put on by Microsoft.

  • Pookiewood

    WOW that was a good ad. Made me want to get an XBOX One! (this year I just want a replacement 360 for my RROD one)

  • Code Weed

    That is what an advertisement should look like… I hope Microsoft will make of this kind for every products they have….
    That advertisement Rocks !!!!

  • Bugbog

    I’m a PC, but that definitely made me pumped for XBox One!

  • uncle_joe

    Microsoft will rule, once again! It’s inevitable!

  • smity smiter

    MS has a 4 colored, square logo? (at the end of the video)

    • Gsm

      Yes, each square represents an MS product :

      • smity smiter

        ah, thank you, I didn’t know that :)

  • reKitab

    Nice Ad. Makes me want ONE, even from a PC Gamer:)

  • General

    frickin awesome ad! These type of ads are needed for several MS products!!! i thought i will wait for xbox one… now part of me wants xbox one ASAP….

  • zoilafosterx

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