Check Out This Awesome Microsoft Smartwatch Concept Running Windows

Based on previous reports, we already know that Microsoft is working on a smartwatch. The smartwatch will work with iPhones, Android and Windows devices. It will continuously measure heart rate through the day and night and will offer up to two days of battery life. Reecently, claimed that they have seen the device in person, and it was similar to Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit in appearance. The device will include heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, and a galvanic skin response sensor all built-in. Designer Nadir Aslam has come up with a Microsoft Smartwatch concept which you can see below. I find it interesting, what do you think of this concept?

Surface Windows Smartwatch Concept 1

Source: Behance via: Makeuseof

  • Zicoz

    Wasn’t it “confirmed” that Microsoft was working on a smartBAND and not a smartwatch?

    • MajorRockStar

      Hopefully they are working on both. I have no use for the smartband, but I would wear this watch all day. But there are those who like the band…therefore we will need both.

  • that_guy


  • Ricardo Gandara E

    Nice concept…. I’ll definitely buy one.

  • Nokiafan

    YES, Microsoft, please! Make a design like that. I live in Switzerland, so the Watch has to look like one!!!! 😀

  • Nathan

    I would love to be able to talk to Cortana on my watch!

  • Yat Man

    Great looking watch! I hope they make this.

  • dev

    Microsoft makes always awesome concepts, concept videos or concept pictures. But they have NEVER exececuted and delivered, NEVER!!!

    • saqrkh

      It isn’t Microsoft who makes these concepts, but designers and concept artists on their free time.

      • PoohGQ

        I think he meant to say that Microsoft always makes great innovation but they never release it & let other companies take the credit instead..

        • Jackal

          More a case of they tend to get their timing wrong.

          They’re either way too early to Market when the technology of the time just can’t handle it…(Tablet..SpotWatch)…or way too late (Windows Phone).

        • Jackal

          More a case of they tend to get their timing wrong.

          They’re either way too early to Market when the technology of the time just can’t handle it…(Tablet..SpotWatch)…or way too late (Windows Phone).

          • PoohGQ

            Le’s not forget that they were I the smartphone business 5 years before iPhone and 7 years before Android. Windows Mobile had all the features in any modern smartphone and more then they decided to follow iPhone strategy & turned Windows Phone into nearly a modern feature phone instead..
            Oohhh….I’m loving the new WP8.1 GDR1 Dev Preview..!!!

    • VHMP01

      Surface 3! Previous Xbox 360, Previous Office, W7 & XP…

  • Willem Evenhuis

    The coolest thng i am looking forward to is the gps experience on This watch

  • tropolite

    Some great ideas and nicely thought of concepts. I like how the style is not ‘over the top’ and the face is uncluttered. Nice job.

  • Joe Vining

    Excellent design concept! I love that the face looks like a stylish watch! So much better than other designs I’ve seen floating around that look like a phone stuffed into a watch face.

  • icanhazinternet

    Everyone should think twice before purchasing a smart watch.

  • Ruufus

    Calling Dick Tracy!

  • DavidinCT

    I want, when and how much ?

  • jlh

    My phone gets really hot (Icon) when using GPS – strapped to my wrist, a GPS watch would be painful!

  • Bchau

    What I am looking for is a smartwatch that can replace my wallet. I hope one day I don’t have to carry my wallet, my credit cards, drivers license, library card, public transport card, bank card, etc…In Australia, we can tab a credit card at a terminal (and enter a pin number in some cases) and pay for an item without having to sign. And to get on a train or bus by tapping a card to terminal. I would like to do all that with a smartwatch. The credit card or train card do not require battery. So having the same technology in a smartwatch won’t require battery power too. Meaning it should work all the time.

  • NGM123

    I want one……. with awesome Surface type build quality

  • cnemo

    Looks nice. The only thing I hope is they have good battery life. Don’t want to be charging the watch every day.

  • Andreas Luebbers

    Yes, this watch is great for me and my family, please Microsoft create such beautiful watch!

  • Kevin

    Shut up and take my money! P.S. A round Windows watch is what I want more than anything! Even if it was just a standard analog watch that only tells me how many notifications I have on my phone.

    • Topsey

      Here you go…few but you wanted it. :(

      • Kevin

        Ooo does it sync with Windows Phone to tell me how many new emails I have?