Check Out This Crazy Microsoft Surface Ultrabook Concept

We have seen many Surface phone concepts in the past, check out the above Surface Ultrabook concept. I know this is a crazy concept which may be not be possible for mass production anytime soon, but it looks cool than most of the current crop of Ultrabooks.


Source: Behance Image Credit: Clément PUERTOLAS

  • the person

    IBM did the removeable lcd back in the 90s.

    • johnny

      It’s not a removable screen, it is a transparent LCD, the removable back portion only protects one side while providing a dark background

      • the person

        I didn’t say removeable screen fucknut, I said removeable lcd back and IBM did it in the 90s with the thinkpad 755CDV

      • disqustingtard

        lcd back, in the 90s
        lcd, back in the 90s

  • Joe_HTH

    It’s a great concept, but pointless. Microsoft is not going to make notebooks and PCs. The only thing you’ll see them make is tablets and possibly phones at some point in the future.

    • symbolset

      They have crossed the Rubicon and there’s no going back. They may as well make servers and SANs and routers and switches at this point.

    • AS147

      I disagree for two reasons. Firstly they have said they are a hardware and services company, second they have invested in their own huge manufacturing plant in China (and its not just for tablets and phones), third they are investing heavily with Silverlake to have more direct control over a privately owned version of Dell and lastly the other OEMs are suffering and MS needs some insurance so that they aree not left to the mercy of one or two OEMs who stop playing ball.
      If they can make something as good as the surface on their first attempt then there is promise, there is no way any of the other OEMs would have had the drive to come up with something like that. It just didn’t make economical sense.
      Its the right move even though it is a year or too late.

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    Why is this crazy? Its standard, boring and un-cool. Like the Lenovo Yoga.

  • Yer Maw

    Does anyone actually give a toss about a design some twat has pulled out their arse? Waste of fuckin time.

    • uopjo6

      And yet you’re here. Bravo.

  • dr_time

    Why is “thinner” misspelled all over this concept art?

    • disqustingtard

      Misspelt is spelt misspelt. Now you are learned.

      • Fauzie

        Learned is spelled learnt. Duh.

        Misspelled, misspelt, learned, learnt, they’re all correct. Now you are learned.

        • disqustingtard

          Gosh that went right over your head didn’t it. I said learned, not learnt. Two different words with different meanings. (if you still don’t get it, it’s pronounced learn-id).

          I hope now that you have learnt this, you are learned.

          Pronunciation: /ˈləːnɪd/

          Definition of learned

          (of a person) having acquired much knowledge through study:a learned, generous, and notoriously absent-minded man
          showing, requiring, or characterized by learning; scholarly:an article in a learned journal
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  • Avatar Roku

    So it’s like the Asus Taichi except more cumbersome because you have to physically remove the back cover and attach it to the front side each time you convert to tablet mode.
    If you like this concept you should just buy the Asus Taichi.

    • Joe_HTH

      I doubt Dell could build as sexy a device as Microsoft could. The point is if Dell makes it, it will be a Dell and not a Surface. I also don’t believe Microsoft has any interest in making laptops or desktop PCs.

  • observer2121

    If Microsoft invests in Dell I don’t see why this couldn’t get made

  • Todd Smith

    Other than the ‘wow’ factor, I never did see the point of transparent screens for everyday consumer use. They make a visual impression in movies like ‘Avatar’, but I think it would be very distracting to see through your screen in all but a very few instances. And for those cases (like augmented reality overlays in smartphones), it seems like a simple rear facing camera does the trick. Is there something I’m missing?

    • 123321

      yep. you forgot the black cover.
      i think a transparent Screen like the one abouve would be very useful so that you can use your ultrabook as tablet and Laptop. without having to Screens like the asus taichi and without having the Keyboard on the back like the Lenovo idepad yoga… the only Thing i am concerned about is the durability of the cover and the dust between glass and cover… if all of These things can be managed it would be kinda perfect product for me…

  • AS147

    I can’t get with the negative attitudes some have voiced on here. What does it matter if some of this has been tried before. We all thought the stylus was dead on smart phones/tablets years ago and now look at the Samsung Galaxy Note.
    As the comedians say its all about timing. In my mind there is a lot to like about this design. IMHO it is well thought out concept and comes together as such rather than just a set of disparate solutions. I especially like the screen but my biggest attraction to this would have to be the mouse button. What a great way to provide a large trackpad on a small area!
    Bravo to the designer behind this and I hope someone picks him and his ideas up as it is a lot better than some of the bland uninspiring stuff out there at present.
    If I were to add anything it would be support for wireless charging.

  • 123321

    fantastic concept. if sth like this is technically possible it would be very very great. put the right specs into it and you get the perfect ultrabook. take my Money and give me that crazy Thing! 😀

  • ♐Mr.InTernaTionaL♐

    I have one thought to share. I know mos tof you know this but I believe that it is not the OEMs fault about the thinness of a tablet but really whomever makes the USB peripherial ports. I think that USB 4 needs to be slimmer and wider if that would make the next iteration of the Surface Pro and Surface RT thinner then so be it. If that port was thinner then Microsoft could have made their tablets thinner and probably bigger to 11″ so that they could fit a bigger battery in it.