Check Out This Windows 9 Design Concept

Every now and then we come across interesting design concepts by independent designers around the world. Andrewz is also one such designer and he today sent us his latest Windows 9 concept.

Supplemental showcase video briefly demonstrates highlights of Windows 9 design concept. Don’t forget to read the article – the main part of the project – and view still pictures gallery . I didn’t intend to amaze audience with reworked and refined graphics. I tried to use current assets and reorganize them in my way. My primary focus was usability. I respected some things Windows 8 came with and haven’t changed them at all.

1/5 Installation 0:04…

2/5 Modern Taskbar with Mouse 00:40…

3/5 Modern Taskbar with Touch 2:25…

4/5 Modern UI Improvements 3:20…

5/5 Start Screen Improvements 3:50…

He is interested to hear about your feedback. Let him know via the comments below.

  • Erik Pienknagura

    this is awesome! great ideas, I wish he could change the classic desktop programs, they are still too small for 10 inch screens

    • Ondřej Zástěra

      This problem is already solved, simply change the DPI in Windows 8. Unfortunately, results are mixed.

      • Erik Pienknagura

        yea i know, i do it, but still feels like is not for touch

  • Yehuda Lauer

    Very interesting, and some useful fixes. However its still not exactly right…

  • cybersaurusrex

    LOVE IT.

  • that_guy

    Feels more like Windows 8.1 Update 2.

  • TheCyberKnight

    I’m sorry but there absolutely nothing interesting there.
    Some the ideas are visually noisy, some gestures are non-practical.

    No, doesn’t cut it. Sorry. MHO.

    • Abdul9

      I thought i was the only one. He just made things more complicated, I mean people were complaining that they had to learn Windows again so what would they have said if it was designed the way this guy did it? I almost didn’t make it through the entire video.

    • Zicoz

      Yeah, noisy and messy are the bes ways to describe this thing. The only thing they need to do is to add a traditional start menu for the people who are unwilling to adapt to the startscreen.

      • Ondřej Zástěra

        Thanks for your feedback anyway. I don’t intend to change your mind mainly, but let me express myself about the critic.

        “Some gestures are non-practical.”

        There are no new gestures in comparison with Windows 8.

        “He just made things more complicated.”

        The fact that it is different from previous Windows doesn’t mean it is more complicated. One app launcher and taskbar instead of two. No two separated areas for opened apps. Check out the UI structure comparison .

        “Yeah, noisy and messy are the best ways to describe this thing.”

        I didn’t intend to amaze audience with reworked and refined graphics. I tried to use current assets and reorganize them in my way. My primary focus was usability. After all, it is just a concept – unfinished piece of work.

        “The only thing they need to do is to add a traditional start menu for the people who are unwilling to adapt to the startscreen.”

        Modern Taskbar context menu is not that different from Start menu.

  • Asgard

    Many nice things but as a whole way too complicated.

  • mrdoubleb78

    I really like his ideas on making classic and modern apps co-exist better. Only having classic context menus in classic apps, basically running classic apps side by side with modern apps as if they ran in a little virtual classic “bubble” but within the modern UI… I think that’s the right way forward, I hope MS takes a few hints from this concept.
    PS: I agree, his Help solution was “visually noisy” as one of you put it, more distracting then helpful.

    • Ondřej Zástěra


      “Help solution was “visually noisy.”

      It is quite a common reaction now. It may be true. As I said, I didn’t have an opportunity for collective testing.

  • robertwade

    It was all crap until 3:44. I found the rest of it intriguing past that point. I don’t WANT a stupid legacy task bar showing up. I don’t want the legacy context menus. I like the Metro side exactly as it was prior to the Spring update, but I would be cool with the enhancements he suggests starting at 3:44.

    • Ondřej Zástěra

      Modern Taskbar would operate in two modes: full-sized and docked compact one. To undock compact taskbar, you simply enlarge it to full size and click |> or <| symbol next to Start button.

      If you wouldn't use classic apps, you will get no classic context menus.

      Thanks for your feedback anyway.

      • robertwade

        Even if I still have some legacy programs I need to run, I don’t want the classic menus. What I really want to see is ALL things legacy become de-emphasized. Although I’m still stuck using some legacy programs, either because the OEM no longer makes the program or because the OEM refuses to write a Metro version, I want as little involvement with the old desktop side as possible. I like the way Windows 8.1 PRE-SPRING UPDATE handles it for the most part. The Spring Update screwed it all up.

  • NegLewis

    The only feature I want in W9 it’s: Similarity and equality between Classic and Modern: When I close the Desktop – Modern UI launcher appears.
    But I can’t close Modern UI Launcher to enter into Desktop. Why?

    Launching 2 apps ans snap… nice…

  • Willem Evenhuis

    a lot of hard work!
    1. Okay
    2. Not my cup of tea
    3. Not my cup of rea
    4. Reasonable
    5. Reasonable

  • Tips_y

    I give him “A” for effort but as it is very few in enterprise has adopted Windows 8. Adding one more layer of complexity and Windows 8 is completely DOA to enterprise AND to a lot of consumers.

    • Ondřej Zástěra

      Thanks. In my opinion, Modern UI does not fit in enterprise, no matter how good it is implemented.

  • Oneperson

    Some interesting Ideas. Like the Idea of overlapping Metro and tradition apps. I also like the idea of snapping the start screen to the side. These two ideas help minimize the “either or” problem.

  • Guest

    The problem with this, and Windows8 for that matter, is the OS should be in the back ground not up front and center.

    This whole thing makes use more complicated. I hope MSFT can correct this but I am not opptimistic, it seems since Vista they keep going the wrong direction in this regard.

    • Angel Colon

      Except for the best operating system they’ve ever released being “released” right before 8 right? This is one of, if not their most important product at Microsoft, they will not let it fail. They have a vision that their sticking to, It’s a big shift from how windows is typically used. It might take some time but they know they have to get this right with Chrome, Android, and Apple sniffing at Windows marketshare.

  • sin isfree

    how about make it simple,
    1; on the desktop, when user click the start button , start screen will show up ON THE DESKTOP, the taskbar is not covered.
    2; user click a modern app, it will run ON THE DESKTOP “full screen” not covering the taskabar and its icon will show up on the taskbar, On modern app, move your mouse on top of the screen , hold a second, will shows up the title bar for that modern app, complete with close , minimize buttons etc. for menu , as usual you can right click to show them , or add menu button , in the bottom of modern apps , that fade in/out depending on their use.
    3; classic app run as usual .
    the idea is to eliminate feels of Switching between modern and classic apps , now everything run ON THE DESKTOP.
    Metro Charms and metro task list stay as it is.

    • steveo99

      In Windows 8.1 update 1, most of those things you mentioned are in place.

  • Lodmot

    Interesting concept, but it would be really jarring for people trying to update from Windows XP to Windows 7. The taskbar shouldn’t be on the left; people will complain about the change/complain that it’s ripping off Ubuntu. There should be a modernized start menu that utilizes a familiar/comfortable layout for users. I made a concept myself that I feel would be pretty effective. It puts the tiles right in the start menu, making it modernized, while also mixing some classic start menu features. You can check it out here if you’re interested:

  • blakjedi

    i think this was very well done. I think any arguments you get about noise are due to the fact that windows 8 actually provides TOO MANY ways to do the same thing. Mouse clicks, swipes, windows key… they need to unify that locations of every system object and have the different mechanisms lead to the the same object in the same place…

    You did your best with a chimera and i actually like what you did. But i would ask you so basically simplify everything..

  • Brian Vistaunet

    OK, so not a fan of everything. This does strike me as more complicated than necessary.
    However, I LOVE the idea of the unified taskbar on the left. We’ve got one Start Menu, we should have one taskbar.

    I’d take it a few steps farther. Keep it small–no need for it to pop and show the larger preview tiles if you’ve got an “aero-peek” type function. And change the mouse gesture to reveal it——lower-left hot corner and bam, there it is (rather than edge-touch with mouse for Desktop version or corner and move up edge for Modern version).

    Finally, add a “reveal Desktop” button to the charms menu in the lower-right corner and make the lower-right hot-corner always pop the charms out (only thing this should impact is the zoom-out button on the Start Screen, which can be moved).

    What complicates it, to me, is the new navigation bar function and the app overlay between the two types of apps. I think this could get really confusing really fast. I prefer the idea of allowing Modern apps to open in Desktop windows when being launched within Desktop mode.

    • Brian Vistaunet

      I do like the idea of taskbar icons scrolling—something like this might be necessary even if the taskbar stayed small, to make up for the loss of real estate by moving it to a vertical edge which is shorter on most screens.

  • avi

    just seems more complicating than it needs to be.

  • NGM123

    Is that me talking in the video??? C’mon, get to the chopper……. everybody down…….. call the pooolice……..I lied

  • Kasparas

    I would be happy if Microsoft Creates Windows 9 for gaming


    Windows OS does not need Metro and “Market”. If microsoft continues with
    these 2 ideas, 9 wil be a TOTAL FAIL AGAIN. That plain color from metro
    just makes everything look bad, cheap, and complicated. Market idea is
    just a total BARRIER for the average user. That market idea is totally
    WRONG. Having “market” in windows means NO FREEDOM. WHO THE HECK HAS ALL